As it turned out, the excessive pedantry of the hostesses can have a bad effect on well-being.

Why you can't iron bed linen: scientists made a shocking discovery

Remember how in childhood your mother taught ... Like, washed it - stroke it! And we came up with all sorts of excuses: either the iron broke, or the electricity was turned off! Eh, we would know then that scientists do not advise doing this.

Moreover, great minds (of course, British ones) found out that the excessive pedantry of housewives in matters of ironing can have a bad effect on the well-being of the sleeping ones ...

Experts say that after ironing, the fabric becomes excessively dense, which prevents air from penetrating to the skin, loses its ability to absorb moisture during sleep (and which of us has never sweated at night?), Which is bad for people's well-being.

But what about the children? After all, heat treatment, among other things, also saves from microbes. Here, scientists advise using a steam steamer on an iron. It makes it possible, without touching the hot surface to the fabric, to act as a disinfectant.

And if these arguments still haven’t worked for you, then the specialists have a couple more in stock. For example, according to the observation of psychiatrists, people who are accustomed to sleeping on freshly ironed bedding are more susceptible to criticism and perceive it inadequately, with a great deal of resentment.

Such people spend a lot of effort on educational work to idealize other people, which is why they often remain alone ... The conclusion is simple! Do you want to get married? Forget ironing and spend this time on a date.

By the way

This is not the only housework that scientists have taken up arms against. Researchers argue that it is harmful to make the bed in the morning, at least immediately. It is necessary to give time for the sheets to dry out - all the same, moisture particles remain on them.

In addition, it is harmful to cook - women who stand at the stove for a long time are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. And cooking on a gas stove in general increases the risk of developing lung cancer. Believe it or not - it's up to you.