The central region of the neck often causes us anxiety as we age. We asked a plastic surgeon how to restore youth in this area and stop being embarrassed by clothes with a decollete.

What is a turkey neck and how to tighten loose skin

With age, visible vertical muscle strands appear, excess adipose tissue in the chin area sags under the influence of gravity. Often, excess skin, gathering in small folds, acquires the shape of a “turkey neck” profile. The neck muscle (platysma) - thin and flat - with age weakens and deforms even faster than the facial muscles. As a result, a clear angle between the chin and the neck “leaves” (the angle of youth).And if the usual excess of adipose tissue located under the skin can be corrected by liposuction, then the deformities of the platysma caused by the divergence of the edges are eliminated by platysmaplasty.

Causes of neck aging

Age is not the only reason for the appearance of pronounced creases in the neck . An important factor that also negatively affects her beauty is poor posture. Due to the habitual stoop, inadequate muscle tension occurs, wrinkles and a second chin appear.

Genetics is also on the list of possible causes of neck aging. However, this assertion is still controversial. But the habit of eating fast food obviously will not add beauty. Improper functioning of the thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus also add to the list of negative factors.

What can a surgeon do

Platysmaplasty is an operation aimed at eliminating age-related defects, as a result of which the correct angle is formed between the chin and the neck, the double chin and deep wrinkles disappear. The operation is of two types:

  • lateral platysmaplasty;
  • medial platysmaplasty (through a small chin incision).

Platysmaplasty is often part of a combined facial rejuvenation surgery. In one "session" the patient can correct several aesthetic defects. For example, to align the lines of the chin, to return a beautiful and correct angle of youth, to lift the corners of the mouth. 

How is rehabilitation going?

After the operation, the patient stays in the clinic for a day under the supervision of specialists. The recovery period is 14 days. At this time, it is recommended to wear a bandage that will fix the chin and neck. Pain is usually mild, but you need to be careful in your actions: do not make sudden movements of the neck and head, choose an orthopedic pillow for sleep. Postpone physical activity, sports and fitness for a month.

 Platysmaplasty is a serious operation, which means that it is important to go through all the examinations to make sure that there are no contraindications.

A few simple rules that will help delay the trip to the surgeon

  • sufficient sleep time and quality (correct orthopedic pillows and mattress);
  • adequate skin care in accordance with age (nutrition and hydration);
  • limited time in the sun and the use of creams with SPF filters;
  • physical activity and a balanced diet (strict diets can contribute to sagging skin in the neck).