The day just started and you're not in the mood anymore. Common situation? Psychologist Irina Ulyanova talks about what can spoil even the most beautiful morning.

The root of evil: 5 habitual rituals that spoil your mood in the morning

Habit 1. Leave a mess at home in the evening

Waking up in a house that doesn't make us happy is the worst start to the day. Of course, it is not always possible to solve the issue radically, for example, by starting repairs or moving. But cleanliness and order in the evening is an easy way to create the right mood in the morning.

The unattractive environment of the home causes a feeling of information noise and even hopelessness.: if I can’t create comfort in my own walls , what can be beautiful in my life?

What to do instead?

Take care of the house before going to bed: wash the dishes, take out the trash, pay attention to the condition of the plumbing. So you will cope with the usual reason for irritation and say: “Cleanliness and comfort around are my way of confessing love to myself!”

Habit 2. Sticking to the phone or TV

Any external information that comes from the screen of a phone or TV is capable of knocking a person off balance in a split second. After awakening, the psyche needs time to realize what is happening with the body, thoughts and emotions.

Without this respite, you can miss signals about what you really want and what future you are creating for yourself today. News, other people's lives, success stories and advertising inclusions distract you from your desires, take you into a world far from your own problems and needs.

What to do instead?

Devote three minutes of silence and immersion in yourself. Sit on the bed, take three deep breaths and bring your attention to the sensations inside. Ask yourself questions: “How does my body feel? What emotions do I experience? What do I want right now?

Listen to your favorite music. This helps in a matter of seconds to awaken something important in the mind and connect with the real you. Turn on a pleasant melody and listen to your body. How does it want to move? What do you feel when music touches your heart? What kind of person do you become?

Habit 3. Work correspondence

The alarm clock just rang, and you are already opening your work mail or messenger? But in vain! After all, this will lead to irritation, tension and  chronic fatigue . Of course, work occupies a serious niche in life, but if you start every day with it, then how to find a place for yourself?

What to do instead?

Practice a ritual called "5 minutes for yourself. "What do you want to do but don't have the time? Maybe it's playing a musical instrument, an interesting book, painting? Give it just five minutes after waking up. Any woman can allocate such insignificant time: a student, a business woman, a mother of many children. Daily immersion in dreams will charge you with energy and joy.

Habit 4. Ignoring body care

From birth, the body becomes something so familiar and ordinary that you forget about it. Meanwhile, with age, the body needs more and more care and careful attention. Morning is the best time to take care of yourself. But what do you usually do? You hear the alarm clock, jump out of bed and run to spin your squirrel wheel, not noticing the needs of the body. In the future, it goes sideways.

What to do instead?

  • Drink a glass of warm water. This will not only give a boost to the digestion process, but also help to remove stress hormones from the body.
  • Take a few minutes to recharge. At least just stretch, clap your hands, massage your earlobes.
  • Put a drop of orange oil on your hand, rub it, take a couple of deep breaths. This will tone the body.

Habit 5. Clarification of relationships and involvement in conflicts

You are tired, have accumulated resentment and  irritation , and it is in the morning that this whole cocktail is poured onto your loved ones. If you follow the habit of getting rid of negativity through claims, quarrels and caustic remarks, then you can poison both your life and the atmosphere in the family.

What to do instead?

Start the day with a smile and hold a joyful emotion for at least a couple of minutes. Let at first it be somewhat artificial and strained - it takes time to rebuild. Smile at the sky outside the window, a new day, your family.

Just meet each of them with a positive attitude, you don't even have to say anything. Try to do this for two weeks, and you will see how your life and relationships with people turn from a source of tension into a source of strength.

As is often the case, the secret to a good morning is in the little things. A cup of hot coffee, a ray of sunshine on your cheek, homeliness and a kind word can work wonders!