And therefore, many of us are increasingly faced with such a problem: as soon as we go to bed with the only desire - to fall asleep as soon as possible, all fears, problems and unresolved conflicts without a statute of limitations begin to creep into our heads. What is this game that our brain draws us into, and how to get out of it a sleepy winner?

The cause of uncontrollable thoughts that keep us awake may be high-functioning anxiety, experts say.

The psychologist told what to do if you can not sleep due to constant anxiety

“There are no specific diagnostic criteria for this disorder, and many doctors even wonder if it exists on its own. But most agree that with persistently high levels of generalized anxiety, some people can still function very well throughout the day,” Professor John Groeger, professor of psychology at Nottingham Trent University, told the British edition of Metro.

Alas, by night the situation is out of control: the body simply cannot relax due to the high stress load that has accumulated during the day. Even in the absence of a physical threat, the body perceives disturbing thoughts as a real danger, which causes additional stress.

“We can only sleep when we are tired and relaxed enough, and stress delays our sleep because we are simply too excited,” continues Prof. Groeger. Moreover, as a result, we fall into a kind of trap: because of anxiety, we cannot sleep normally and, as a result, we become even more anxious. The situation is aggravated if you add an excess of caffeine, food and sugar to this, the professor believes.

So what can be done to break the vicious cycle? The professor gave some practical advice to help bring the situation under control. Before you fall asleep, try to set aside at least half an hour for journaling or talking to someone you trust. This will help to throw out your worries and worries and not transfer them to bed. And instead of an endless cycle of self-reproach and doubt, it’s better to remember what good happened to you during the day.

“If nothing positive happened during these 24 hours, go back a day earlier - and so on until you get to a really pleasant memory,” the psychologist adds.

Also, sleep can improve if you do sports in the morning, especially in the fresh air. And in the late afternoon you will avoid conflicts and stressful situations, and at the same time excessive consumption of caffeine. And of course, do not even try to drown out the anxiety with the help of alcohol at night looking - this will only exacerbate the problem.

But if you are really serious and have been suffering from insomnia caused by anxiety for a long time, the only right decision is to consult a specialist. “First of all, enlist professional help and support from those who love you,” advises the professor.