Chrysanthemums, azalea, chlorophytum and other plants, which, it turns out, not only decorate the interior, but also cleanse it.

1. Azalea

Azalea perfectly fights various harmful impurities in the air. For example, the plant effectively neutralizes ammonia, which is present in excess in household cleaning products.

That is why it is best to put a flower in those places where you need to purify the air most often.


This is a rather capricious plant that prefers cool air and does not tolerate heat. IN

about the time of flowering, it is better to put the azalea in a room that is warmed up no higher than 12 degrees. Otherwise, it will bloom for a very short time or completely drop the buds.

By the way, it is better to take a flower home with just pecking inflorescences.

2. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums in the home do a great job with trichlorethylene in the air (this substance is usually found in paints and varnishes).

If you recently painted the walls in your apartment, put a chrysanthemum there and the air quality will noticeably improve.

Like the azalea, this flower loves coolness. There are many varieties of potted chrysanthemums, but all require approximately the same care.


It is better to transplant a flowering plant after purchase, since in the store it is usually placed in a nutrient substrate that is not able to provide the plant with a long life.

It is best to put a pot with chrysanthemum in partial shade. The plant tolerates diffused daylight well, but direct bright rays will only damage the flower.

Water it as usual: without overdrying the soil, but without overfilling it.

3. Ficus

Few people know, but ficus is a real air conditioner for the air in the house. Best of all, it absorbs formaldehyde - a substance that is present in the apartment in almost everything: from building materials to packaging bags.

Ficus is unpretentious and useful. It is necessary to take care of the plant according to the classical scheme: regular watering as needed (more often in summer, less often in winter).


Sometimes the ficus is fed to stimulate its growth.

This plant loves good light, but can survive in the shade. Do not place it under the scorching sun - there will be burns on the leaves.

4. Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum perfectly copes with a wide variety of contaminants, including even carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. It is best to keep the plant in the kitchen, but it will work well in other rooms as well.

This is an unpretentious flower that can be put on the far shelf and safely forgotten about for a couple of weeks.

Chlorophytum does not need specific care, and in winter it is generally watered quite rarely, so the flower is ideal for beginners and lazy people.


5. Ivy

Despite superstition, many people place ivy in their apartment - and they do it right. Mini Liana cleans the air you breathe.

Ivy breaks down benzene, a substance commonly found in inks, paints, and detergents. Put it in the bathroom or next to the workplace and enjoy clean air.


The plant is as unpretentious as possible in care and can easily endure drafts and rare watering.

If the ivy has dark green leaves, a shady corner will do. If they have bright specks, then it is better to put the plant in a more lit place.