Let's tell you how a meticulous law enforcement officer differs from an "ordinary" person. Please do not take the material to heart - the article has a comic character. But every joke is an occasion to think!

Obsessed with order: 6 things in the house that betray you as a pedant

Psychologists say that an excessive desire for cleanliness is a kind of psychological disorder. In this case, the "man-order" spends a lot of time cleaning, suffers from the problem of choice, prefers a conservative lifestyle. All family members who are forced to follow the line suffer from this behavior. 

What other things give out a household pedant: 

1. Tanks for all cereals and bulk products

Usually housewives do not pour rice or pasta into the same container. Mrs Clean everything is distributed in containers, and even signed with beautiful letters so as not to confuse "Millet" with " Buckwheat ". And these jars, most likely, will stand evenly next to each other in the cabinet.

2. Shelf dividers

Perfectionists don't like it when one thing overlaps another. Therefore, for wide shelves, they buy dividers that divide the cabinet space into several parts. And the clothes are folded, as bequeathed by the Japanese  Marie Kondo , in rolls, so that it is convenient to get it. They are not even too lazy to sort socks and underwear by color. 

3. Bed linen bags

It is very convenient when perfectly ironed pillowcases, sheets and a duvet cover are folded into a separate bag. But few people bother so much: it is enough that all the parts of the bed linen  lie on the same shelf. 

4. All things in their places

Moreover, the hostess determines the place for them. She is not interested in the opinion of others: "My house - my rules!" If someone accidentally moves a flower pot or hangs a towel unevenly, then the pedant will not rest until he returns everything as it was. Such people clean several times a day, constantly sort through the products, check a hundred times whether the iron, stove, etc. are turned off. 

5. Toothpaste dispenser

It is important for perfectionists to squeeze out the "correct" portion of toothpaste - no less, no more. Apparently, the dispenser also came up with the same household stuff . We are already silent about cord holders and books that are arranged alphabetically spine to spine. Even the foil and cling film are stored in separate containers so that it is convenient to cut the right amount of material.  

 6. House like from the cover of a magazine

The apartment is always perfectly clean: the curtains hang on a ruler, things seem to be glued, the bedspread is without a single wrinkle. If something is wrong, the “man-order” rushes to save the situation. Their life is under vigilant control!