The beauty and health industry today is developing rapidly and sometimes unpredictably. We keep our finger on the pulse and together with the expert share the most interesting innovations in this area.

Neuro-athletics, adaptogens and other healthy lifestyle trends that will help you keep your beauty and youth

1. Multidisciplinary approach

Understanding that everything in the body is interconnected leads to the fact that more and more doctors, supporters of evidence-based medicine, are advocating an integrated approach to preserving youth and health. New disciplines are emerging. For example, anti-aging dentistry monitors how bite affects the deformative aging of the face. A Posturology studies the relationship between, say, posture and forehead wrinkles. It would seem, how are the "bone on the leg" and the morning bags under the eyes connected? And a modern podiatrist or orthopedist will answer you: foot deformities cause problems in the entire musculoskeletal system. The posture deteriorates, which leads to clamping of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae, and as a result, to circulatory disorders. Hence the bags under the eyes, and flabbiness of the skin. The intensity of recovery processes is disturbed, the complexion deteriorates, wrinkles are formed ahead of time.

Some statistics: 82% of our compatriots consider vigor and health to be their main value, which is higher than the world average (64%). No wonder the growing interest in healthy lifestyles and prolongation of youth is steadily growing.

2. Intellectuals - skintelligents

A phenomenon that is gaining momentum is the skin-intellectuals. These are people who are passionate about constant self-education in the field of beauty and healthy lifestyle. Their goal is to look great and feel good for years to come. and they deal with it. They are savvy in the field of biohacking, they understand well the interconnection of processes in the body. Easy to read labels and will give odds to any nutritionist in compiling the right menu for radiant skin and beautiful hair. A positive trend that cannot but rejoice.

3. Neuroathletics

Training for the brain and body at the same time, what could be better!The trend is multitasking workouts, when the neural functions of the brain are pumped along with the body.For example, it is practiced to perform several tasks at the same time (plank with arms raised, warm-up associated with gymnastics for the eyes, etc.). This approach has a positive effect on both the development of the body, improving coordination, and brain activity.

4. Personalization in everything

The idea of ​​customizing anything and everything has been intriguing for the past few years. For example, in the beauty industry, we are offered to create our own care products by adding boosters and serums to the base cream. There are dozens of combinations - this is much more than three universal creams "for oily, dry, combination skin." Further more. Since the microbiome of the skin, as individual as a fingerprint, came under the scope of scientists, the personalization of beauty products can reach a new level.

Personalization of medicine is another facet of this healthy lifestyle trend. all sorts of screenings - from an extended blood test to a genetic passport - allow you to select adequate dosages of vitamins and microelements. They calculate the necessary sports loads, help you choose the most suitable sport and effective types of exercises, and build a weight loss program. Personalization affects a variety of areas. Individual insoles "personalize" any pair of your shoes. And the appearance of "smart" clothes is not far off, adapting to your level of heat transfer during fitness training.

5. Digitalization

The maturation of screeners (screen - screen, English) (they are also the "generation of glass", they are also "digital natives") could not but launch a trend in the beauty and health technology industry.

Applications are being developed that analyze your diet, give advice on how to improve the quality of training and rest. Special programs allow, by uploading a photo, to see how you will look in one way or another: with a certain make-up, hair color, etc.

Improved programs for meditation , stress relief. So, scientists from the University of Colorado (USA) announced the testing of an application for personalized psychotherapy, which, among other things, allows you to reduce blood sugar levels.

Even virtual fitting technologies are being developed. For example, a British brand of children's shoes, in collaboration with orthopedic doctors, developed an application that takes into account the characteristics of a child's foot and the dynamics of its growth. This allows you to come to the store and try on a specific model of shoes, without making the child nervous during a long enumeration of models.

The main thing to consider in the context of the digitalization trend is apps on a smartphone or fitness band should not become dictators. Otherwise, constant push notifications about the need to move, drink water, count calories or immediately take the lotus position can become an additional source of stress and self-abasement. It won't benefit anyone.

6. Adaptogens

The word is actually not new. Back in 1947, the Soviet pharmacologist Nikolai Lazarev studied the ability of certain substances derived from fungi and plants to increase the body's resistance to negative environmental factors.

Today, the concept of using adaptogens is experiencing a renaissance. More and more superfoods are gaining popularity if they not only saturate us with useful trace elements, but also help relieve tension - they literally return the soil under our feet. Reception of adaptogens also helps to reduce sensitivity to magnetic storms, sudden changes in weather. It is not surprising that they are recommended, for example, to residents of the North for the prevention of polar stress syndrome.

General tonic effect on the central nervous system and immunity are famous for: Chinese lemongrass, sea buckthorn, sagan-daily, chaga, reishi and many other plants and mushrooms. Adaptogens of animal origin are few in number, but there are interesting options, for example, royal jelly or deer horn extract.

However, before using a particular product for medicinal purposes, it is imperative to consult a specialist in order to avoid a negative individual reaction (for example, allergies). In addition, adaptogens can be dangerous during pregnancy (provoke uterine tone). People with autoimmune diseases should also be careful. And, finally, it is important to remember that uncontrolled high doses of adaptogens can cause overexcitation of the body, insomnia and excessive irritability.

7. The dream of beauty

It is no secret that only in conditions of deep sleep do detoxification of the body, restoration and accumulation of resources occur. That is why more and more attention is being paid to research on the so-called "beauty sleep", when our body is most effectively restored and regenerated at night.

The sleep hormone melatonin is associated with the mechanisms of cellular aging. If it is produced in the right amount, it not only normalizes biorhythms, but also exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, which also determines the nightly "rejuvenation" of cells. However, keeping melatonin at the proper level is not so easy. Its decrease can cause not only increased noise, but also stressful situations (even reading a news feed before going to bed!),as well as a dose of alcohol at night. Moreover, a party with high-grade excesses, according to experts, knocks down biorhythms for at least a couple of days! But food rich in tryptophan, on the contrary, improves falling asleep, increases the duration and quality of sleep. Its sources are nuts and seeds, fish and seafood. Just a handful of nuts cover 100% of our daily need for tryptophan. The only caveat, nuts should not be fried or salted. High temperatures destroy healthy fats. It is good to soak fresh or dried nuts - fermentation begins in the process, after which they are easier to digest.