Stereotypes have existed and will always exist, but only those who know how to break them stand out from the crowd. Designer Valeria Utushkina dispelled several common “bad” style tips for adult women.

1. Wear only discreet colors

Wear only discreet colors

Women, even at the most mature age, should not avoid bright colors in clothes, rather the opposite. In fact bright colors can emphasize individuality and personality, and also add brightness and energy to her image. In addition, a juicy shade is able to highlight the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws.

The stereotype that older women should not wear bright colors may be related to the idea that the older generation should be more conservative and modest in their style. However, such formulations, fortunately for us, are outdated.

2. Don't get naked

Don't get naked

In general, this rule sounds like this: "Open only those parts that I am proud of, and do it in moderation." And it applies to women of all ages. Because many of them, even in old age, not to mention 50 years old, keep young shoulders or  decollete, which there is no reason to hide.

Older women can very well look attractive and feel confident in their bodies. And what is this, if you look, age? :) 

Therefore, you should not limit yourself to something just because of imaginary social expectations. 

3. Leave in the past "youth style"

Leave in the past "youth style"

"Youth style" is distinguished by its brightness, courage and experimentation. It includes unusual prints , non-standard shapes and styles, as well as accessories that sometimes look bold and defiant.

Guess what we'll say next? That's rightwomen over 50 can afford this style, because age should not be an obstacle to experimenting with clothes. Rich life experience in this case is only at hand.

4. Forget high heels

Forget high heels

Heel height has nothing to do with age - period. High heels will help create an elegant and feminine look, emphasize the beauty and grace of the legs, make the figure more slender and proportionate.

At the same time, it is important not to forget about safety and comfort. So in luxury 50+, in order to reduce the load on the legs and protect the veins, it makes sense to choose more resistant options.