If you really want to lose weight by the summer, but not so much as to go to workouts and count calories, try the following healthy habits, and you will definitely notice a cumulative effect.

Drink coffee with cinnamon

Excess sugar in the diet not only leads to a host of health problems, but is often the main culprit in weight gain. So the least you can do is cut sugar from your favorite drinks. Try coffee with cinnamon if it doesn't taste good without any additives. This spice, in addition to the spicy aroma, creates a sensation of sweetness. By the way, you will like high-quality loose leaf tea without sugar much more than the bag version.

Drink coffee with cinnamon

Eating potatoes last

Another little trick to help you get leaner for summer: save potatoes for last. This popular vegetable is most often used as a side dish. It will be more useful to eat the protein part of the dish first or other vegetables. This strategy will reduce the spike in blood sugar levels, which will prevent excessive fat accumulation. Otherwise, carbohydrates from potatoes will be digested faster, and the blood will be saturated with sugar almost instantly.

Cooking with coconut oil

It is believed that in order to lose weight, you need to forget about the existence of fried foods. And this is true, but only to some extent. It turns out that you can eat fried foods and still maintain a healthy weight by using coconut oil instead of sunflower oil. American scientists came to this conclusion. So far, this method has not gained wide popularity. But is it right for you? Most importantly, do not lean on fried - even on coconut oil.

Start the day with a glass of water with fruit

You can argue about the benefits of a glass of water on an empty stomach for a long time, but supporters of this morning ritual claim that there is an effect and even the skin condition improves. In any case, such a habit has a beneficial effect on the body if you usually drink little and are always literally on the verge of dehydration. Plus, drinking helps control your appetite if you wake up feeling hungry.

Pieces of fresh fruit will turn water into a delicious drink, even if it's apple slices. And water with fruits will cheer you up with its appearance alone and set you in the summer mood. Just don't overdo it with acidic supplements - especially if you have stomach problems.

In moments of weakness, we are able to come up with an excuse for anything. A partner or partner will help you stay on track.

Lose weight with a friend

Any goal is easier when you have support. Find a partner, be it a family member or a friend. Together it is more fun to go to the gym, spend time outdoors, eat healthy. Often even formal responsibility to another person motivates much more than responsibility to oneself.