You, of course, know about how dried apricots are good for health. In the off-season, when there are no fresh fruits on the table, dried apricots come to the aid of our body, making up for the lack of trace elements. Can breastfeeding mothers eat it? We understand.

Dried apricots during breastfeeding: is it possible for a nursing mother to eat it

Dried apricots during breastfeeding is a very valuable product, it compensates for the lack of many essential trace elements that the mother's body consumes during lactation. Dried apricots should be eaten with caution if the child has a tendency to allergic manifestations or flatulence (bloating). 

A nursing mother should only use dried apricots prepared without the use of sulfur dioxide (information about this is usually on the package).

What is the use

Although there are fewer vitamins in dried apricots than in fresh apricots, there are a lot of trace elements - especially potassium, which is so necessary for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also dried apricots contain calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. But it is potassium in it most of all. 

This substance is necessary for our body for four reasons:

  • it removes excess fluid from the body;
  • normalizes pressure;
  • supports the work of the heart muscle;
  • stimulates the work of the nervous and muscular systems.

A decoction of dried apricots is especially useful during pregnancy , when the load on them increases. For a nursing mother, this dried fruit can be not only a healthy treat, but also a tool to help restore strength after childbirth.

Moderation matters

Can dried apricots be breastfed? Of course yes. However, in some cases, pregnant women and nursing mothers should use this valuable product with caution.

Firstly, this advice is relevant for those expectant and young mothers who are allergic to apricots, peaches, sea buckthorn. And also for those who have seasonal allergic rhinitis due to flowering plants (due to cross allergies). Moreover, if the woman herself suffers from allergies, then it is likely that the baby will inherit a predisposition to this disease. 

Secondly, as noted by some nursing mothers in the first month, dried apricots in large quantities provoke increased gas formation in babies. In this case, it is worthwhile to refrain from unprocessed dried fruits for a while and drink only a decoction of them, as well as gradually eat steamed dried apricots from compote.

be careful

Not every dried apricots you see on store shelves is good for your health.

Pay attention to its color. If dried apricots are bright orange, shiny, then most likely it was treated with sulfuric anhydride.

Sulfuric anhydride (sulfur dioxide or food additive E220) is the smoke that is produced when sulfur is burned. They are fumigated with apricot fruits before they are dried. Smoke kills harmful microorganisms and allows you to keep an attractive color and presentation of the product. But a small amount of sulfur dioxide remains in dried fruits. To get rid of sulfuric anhydride, dried apricots must be washed well before use and poured for 15 minutes with hot water, which must then be drained.

The safest dried apricots for HB are organic, prepared without preservatives. 

Its color can vary from pale yellow to gray-brown (when naturally dried, as a rule, all fruits darken).

The taste and aroma of natural dried apricots will be pronounced. It retains less liquid, so it is denser and drier than beautiful, but not very useful for nursing mothers and their babies, dried apricots with preservatives.

What to cook from dried apricots 

The most useful dried apricots for breastfeeding are raw: by eating it, you can get the most vitamins and minerals. Before use, it must be washed well and soaked in hot water.

To diversify the menu of a nursing mother in the first month, dried apricots can be added to oatmeal with water or milk (in the absence of lactose intolerance) - this is a very tasty and healthy breakfast.

Also, dried fruit goes well with meat and poultry. It can be used as a filling when roasting chicken or duck in the oven, added to side dishes, vegetables, light desserts, fermented milk products. 

One of the simplest and most delicious salads with this product consists of only four ingredients: boiled chicken fillet (about 400–500 g), a fresh apple, a handful of dried apricots and sour cream. Chicken and dried apricots must be chopped, apple - peeled and grated on a coarse grater. Mix everything and season with sour cream. One serving of the dish contains a maximum of protein, fiber and trace elements that a woman needs during breastfeeding .


If you really love this dried fruit, but do not know if you can eat dried apricots while breastfeeding, we have some tips: 

  • pay attention to the quality of the product
  • be sure to soak it before use 
  • monitor the condition of the baby - does dried apricots provoke intestinal gases in a child in the first month of his life