Following a diet for a sweet tooth is a difficult test that requires strong-willed efforts.

Dates and diet for weight loss - replace sweets with dried fruits

Nutritionists offer a way out of the situation - to replace the usual sweets with dates. These fruits contain vitamins and minerals, their use will help the body make up for the lack of nutrients. Can dates be on a low carb diet? How to organize meals while following the date diet? Find out in this article.

Dates and diet for weight loss: how to eat dried fruits

Despite the high calorie content (280 kcal / 100 g) and sweetness, dates are considered a product that is allowed to be consumed during a diet. Even if you follow a low-carb diet, dried fruits can be eaten, but in small quantities.

Dates are sweet due to fructose and glucose, which are quickly absorbed by the body. Unlike sucrose, these substances are not stored in fat reserves, but are completely converted into energy. But keep in mind that if you abuse dried fruits without intense physical exertion, the diet will not work, and weight will increase.

Dates should be consumed 40 minutes after each meal. From 19:00 to 6:00, eating dried fruits is not recommended.

Dates instead of sweets in a diet make up for the body's daily need for vitamins and minerals. It is allowed to consume no more than 10 fruits per day, washed down with clean water or green tea. With a date diet, the amount of dried fruits increases significantly.

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Diet on dates: a sample menu, recommendations from nutritionists

The diet, which includes only dates, is a mono-diet, which must be observed for no more than 5 days. Of the products, it is allowed to use dried fruits and clean water, herbal decoctions, green tea and coffee. On the 4th day of the diet, green apples are introduced into the diet.

Reviews of the diet on dates say that it helps to lose up to 8 kg. But remember that this is a severe dietary restriction that prevents the body from receiving a normal amount of protein. Intense physical activity for the duration of the diet must be stopped, otherwise the muscles will begin to break down along with the fat.

Nutritionists advise combining dates with vegetables and dairy products. Such a diet will only benefit the body and help get rid of extra pounds.

The substances that make up dates remove excess moisture from the body, saturate it with energy. But remember, dieting for greater efficiency should be combined with proper water regime and moderate physical activity.