8 things that will change the house beyond recognition without repair

Repair is too expensive or was made recently, and the feeling of novelty is irretrievably gone? These items will help to freshen up any room, especially if you use several options at once.


New curtains will easily set the right mood for the entire interior. By the way, it is not necessary to throw away old curtains, textiles can be changed depending on the season. For example, red curtains will be appropriate for the New Year holidays, but they will quickly tire you out, and light green curtains will create a feeling of coolness in summer.


If the flooring leaves much to be desired, the right carpet will give a feeling of fresh renovation, because it is simply impossible not to notice such a new thing. When purchasing a carpet, try to choose one that you will be comfortable taking care of: remember that products with a short pile are easier to care for. And too contrasting colors will not let your eyes relax - for a large area it is better to choose calm colors.

Furniture covers

Over time, the furniture loses its presentation, but it is worth changing the upholstery - and it is like new. A less radical option is covers. They can be sewn to order, independently or purchased ready-made. If the furniture is in excellent condition, but you want to change something, consider a new blanket.

Paintings and posters

There is no shortage of frames, you can buy them for every taste and budget. Both a large poster as a bright accent and a dozen small frames in the same style look equally stylish. You can even cover the wall almost completely.


In small rooms, mirrors are simply irreplaceable. After all, only they are able to visually double the space at once. And in combination with the right color schemes and lighting, they will produce a wow effect. Just do not get carried away so that the dwelling does not turn into a mirror attraction that causes disorientation.


Light completely changes the perception of space, but it is often forgotten about during repairs. One light source on the ceiling is a classic that can be boring. Try to choose your own lighting scheme for each area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe home. There is no waste in this, because it is not at all necessary to include everything at once. But the house will not be recognized.


Pillows are appropriate not only on beds and sofas, but also on chairs. Depending on the color, pillowcases can support a general theme in the interior or become a bright accent. The advantage of pillows is their mobility: you can remove them at any time and update them easier than curtains. And if there are children in the house, pillows make a great playground.


It is no longer fashionable to expose furniture along the wall for a long time. And the rack, contrary to stereotypes, does not always turn into a dust collector, this piece of furniture will perfectly cope with the ozonation of space, if you do not litter every free centimeter of it. They can separate the working area or even make two from one room. Please note that a narrow rack must be additionally secured for safety, otherwise the structure may not be stable enough.