Every woman sometimes faces such moments when it is difficult to decide: should she express her opinion or remain silent? In some cases, silence can be worth its weight in gold. About when it is better to refrain from commenting, says psychologist Yevgeny Idzikovsky.

7 situations with a man in which it is better to remain silent

When silence is your best friend

Any relationship is built on communication - this is the only way to find out many important things. Women are known to love to talk. They speak about three times as many words a day as men. But it happens that not words at all, but their absence contributes to mutual understanding much more effectively.

Time and patience can sometimes be your best friends. However, an unequivocal answer to the question “When should a woman remain silent?” does not exist. It depends on several components: upbringing, character, life goals and values. Although there are general rules and patterns too.

Situation 1. When a man is busy with work or is passionate about his hobby

If a person is focused on important matters or is immersed in the creative process, it is better not to interrupt it. At this time, he may not be too receptive to your words and may not attach due importance to them. An interesting occupation, for obvious reasons, worries him much more than anything else. Wait until the partner is ready to communicate by choosing a more appropriate moment for the conversation.

Situation 2. When he is in a bad mood or annoyed

We all know that talking in raised tones does not lead to anything good. If a man is upset or out of sorts about something, take your time and talk to him when he calms down. So you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings. At such moments, it is better to show care not in words, but in deeds, so that passions subside, and a person comes to his senses.The same rule applies to you.

Situation 3. When a partner talks about his feelings and fears

Listening is an art that allows you to gain trust and a favorable climate in the family.

If a man decides to share his feelings, fears or concerns, your job is not to interrupt, to be considerate and supportive. Take your time with advice and criticism. Let him talk and he will thank you for it.

Situation 4. When it comes to his family

Issues related to the family can be very sensitive, and quarrels with loved ones can cause unwanted life conflicts. If you have problems with your partner's loved ones, think a hundred times about the possible consequences before speaking out.

Maybe you should first discuss this topic with him in private, and not do this in the presence of all relatives. Do not forget about the strength of family ties and their impact on the well-being of your couple.

Situation 5. When he talks about his past

Every person has a right to the past. If the chosen one trusts you and talks about his past relationship, it’s better to just listen and not judge. Excessive curiosity or accusations can backfire and jeopardize your intimacy. Show respect for his past and focus on the present.

It's no secret that most men are not inclined to brag about their victories on the love front and talk about the former  in detail. In this matter, they are rather reserved and delicate. In addition, the stronger sex pays less attention to memories, preferring to live here and now.

Situation 6. When the chosen one does something for you

Men often show their love and care through actions. If he made an effort to please you, accept it with gratitude, even if not everything turned out perfectly. Criticism in such a situation can undermine his self-esteem and kill the desire to do anything in the future.

And it doesn't have to be noticeable right away. Behind external calm, sometimes, annoyance and disappointment are hidden, which will later make themselves felt.

Situation 7. When you want to say: “I told you so!”

We all make mistakes, and men are no exception. If your partner has made a mistake, you do not need to reproach him and show gloating. It is unlikely that you will claim that you are always right and claim dominance in a pair.

Instead of making sarcastic remarks, support him and together find a way to solve the problem. This will help strengthen your bond and trust in each other.

Women's wisdom just consists in sometimes showing restraint and remaining silent. It is necessary to feel the moment when words will only interfere with maintaining the main thing in a relationship. Cultivate patience, empathy and attentiveness in yourself - and you will become a real support for your man, with whom he will share all his joys and difficulties.