Proper storage of your vacuum cleaner is important to maintain performance and extend its life.

1. Leave the vacuum cleaner in a damp or damp place

Moisture is the enemy of electronic devices, including vacuum cleaners. If the vacuum cleaner is left in a damp or damp place, such as a basement or bathroom, metal parts may corrode, mold grow, and electrical components may be damaged. If it is necessary to store the device in the basement, R Consider using a dehumidifier or placing desiccant bags nearby to keep the area dry.

In my experience, the ideal place to store a vacuum cleaner is a dry and cool place. Personally, I prefer to store my vacuum cleaner in the laundry where it is not visible, but it is still easy to get to, says cleaning expert Jenna Shaughnessy.

2. Do not empty the vacuum cleaner bag

Another common mistake is to leave the trash can or dust bag full when storing your vacuum cleaner . A full bin results in reduced suction power and overloading the motor, reducing performance and potential damage. It is extremely important to empty the trash can or replace the vacuum cleaner bag before storage to ensure optimal performance in the future.

3. Do not clean filters 

Do not clean filters

Vacuum cleaners are equipped with filters that trap dust, dirt and other particles, preventing them from re-entering the air. But over time, they can become clogged, which reduces work efficiency. Before storing the vacuum cleaner, it is important to clean or replace the filters according to the manufacturer's instructions.

4. Wrap the cord around the vacuum cleaner

Pulling the cord tightly around the vacuum cleaner and storing it in this position can damage the cable and overstress electrical connections. It is important to fully unwind the cord and avoid kinks or knots. You can use the cord hooks or the clips on your vacuum cleaner to secure the cord gently without damaging it.

5. Store the vacuum cleaner in a tight place

Storing the vacuum cleaner in a tight space, such as in a closet full of other items or between heavy items, may damage the appliance or its attachments. It is important to keep the appliance in a spacious place where it can be placed vertically. This is the advice of Jenna Shaughnessy, founder of business and lifestyle blog  Jenna Kate at Home . 

6. Do not organize the storage of nozzles

Vacuum cleaners come with a variety of attachments such as hoses, brushes, and nozzles that are used for various cleaning tasks. Improper storage of these attachments may result in damage. It is important to place the attachments in an organized way, either by attaching them to the vacuum cleaner itself or by leaving them in a designated area. This will help prevent loss or damage and ensure they are available when needed.

7. Ignore manufacturer's instructions

All vacuum cleaners are different and it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper storage. Some models may require special conditions or precautions such as removing the battery or taking apart certain parts. Failure to follow the instructions may damage the vacuum cleaner or void the warranty.