Why are people drawn to some, while others can only suffer from loneliness? Do not rush to blame the injustice of others for this - perhaps they are repelled by these addictions of yours.

The habit of focusing on yourself

Full-fledged communication always involves an exchange - at least attention. Instead of wondering what is wrong with you, try to show concern for others: who can easily be helped or do something nice. Only not in the format of a favor - no one asked you for it. As naive as it sounds, doing good deeds from the bottom of your heart is the most effective way to take a cold relationship to the next level. And fixation on oneself, coupled with silence, will only scare people away.

The habit of avoiding responsibility

It’s not scary to make a mistake, annoying misunderstandings happen to everyone. It is much worse when, knowing that you are wrong, you try to shift the blame onto others and are not able to openly admit the mistake and draw conclusions. For those who like to throw off their responsibility on others, we have bad news: no one wants to become a scapegoat and communicate with a person who denies the obvious. So don't expect to have many buddies.

The habit of avoiding responsibility

The habit of forgetting promises

It is better to promise nothing at all than to promise and forget. A couple of broken promises - and the end of trust. Want to improve relationships with people? Take your commitments, even small ones, seriously. It is not difficult to become a man of your word: for starters, do not agree to do what you are not going to do. Such a strategy will allow you to win the respect and trust of others. Otherwise, you will have a reputation as a chatterer and an unreliable person, with whom it is better not to mess with.

The habit of refusing invitations

Online chatting is no substitute for time spent together in the real world. If you have experienced a lack of communication, be more attentive to invitations, even those that are not the most attractive at first glance may not be so scary. For example, you don’t have to drink alcohol at a party, and you don’t have to run a marathon while jogging. Be yourself and be open about your preferences - most often they do not interfere with a good time. And there, you look, and there will be someone to call to have fun on your terms.

The habit of arrogance

We all want our merits to be appreciated and given due attention to them. At the same time, it is at least tactless to emphasize one's successes in every possible way, and as a maximum, it is inappropriate, especially when it comes to teamwork. If, instead of deeds, everyone “advertises” their own achievements, there will be no time to work. Let truly outstanding results speak for you, not endless boasting. If you sincerely put yourself above others, people will notice, so don't expect their favor.

The habit of annoying

Worse than lack of initiative is only excessive activity. Nobody wants to be in an awkward position. It is enough to voice any offer once - when people want something, they do not delay with an answer and do not look for reasons to ignore you. If you are not ready to hear a refusal and think that perseverance will help the cause, it won’t be long before the reputation of being “sticky”. You will be shunned like fire. After all, everyone will know: if you talk to you, you won’t get rid of it.

The habit of "filtering" people

Life experience allows you to decide what is good and what is bad... for you. You should not apply a personal standard to everyone - on the contrary, by communicating with your opposite, you will learn much more new things than from your complete “copy”. Does it matter if a person eats meat or what he drinks at a party? Even if it is carrot juice, personal preferences are not a hindrance to communication, do not judge others. The ability to accept and understand other people's characteristics will bring you loyal friends.