Career growth is one of the main components of financial well-being. Only for some reason it comes easily to some people, while others cannot achieve it for many years.

5 signs of a person who will never be promoted

Career and thinking: what do they have in common

It is generally accepted that the most important thing in work is skills and professionalism. Without them, indeed, nowhere, but they do not guarantee you a rise up the career ladder.Much here depends on a completely different factor - thoughts.

As Caesar said, your thoughts become your life. A person's income and career success are directly related to his thinking and habits, behavior scenario. If a person thinks in a positive way and feels confident in his work, the world reciprocates. Then the employer supports him, he is accepted and respected in the team .

If he doubts his own abilities, others also cease to trust his actions, opinion. The employer does not risk entrusting him with important matters and keeps him in a secondary position for years. Where do doubts come from? Most often they arise because you are not confident in yourself.

Uncertainty is, in fact, disbelief in one's own strengths and capabilities, dictated by low self-esteem.If you do not overcome it in time, then your whole life will not turn out the way you would like.

There are several clear signs of habits that indicate insecurity and hinder your career growth.

5 habits that are holding you back

Habit 1. Comparing yourself to others

This habit is that you constantly compare yourself with someone. You consider yourself inconspicuous, insufficiently professional, intelligent or experienced specialist. You are firmly convinced that somewhere there are strong pros, rich and successful entrepreneurs, but this is definitely not about you.

How does the world respond to such a person? He will do everything to keep you inconspicuous, and then all the characteristics on your list. Everything outside will confirm what is inside. The Universe shows us the picture that is formed in our head.

Habit 2. Fear of everything

If you are afraid to start something new, to try, to prove yourself, you are unlikely to get off the ground. Fear  is an attempt to control the future by securing yourself from all sides. What do we think is safe? That's right, everything is normal. So it turns out that you live in the illusion of control, but in fact you are drowning in a swamp of monotony.

Habit 3. Desire to be good in the face of bad

You are trying to annoy others, to denigrate colleagues in order to appear good against their background. Such pseudo-competition leads nowhere, because you go out of your own way and live someone else's life.

Habit 4. Slowness in actions and decisions

Now proactive people are valued, who are not afraid of their ideas, can offer and implement them. An idea came - do not get stuck in doubts and endless analysis. Do it, or someone else will.

Habit 5. Fear of voicing your desires

You work for a salary of, say, 20 thousand, and do not ask for anything. You are afraid, you are shy, you consider yourself unworthy. But in vain: It is unlikely that the boss himself will come up and offer you a promotion. Alas, this is extremely rare.

If you understand what goal you are going for and what position you want, if you know how useful you are in your profession, do not boil in your thoughts, declare to the world about your goals and dreams. Sound them out without fear. Ask for a raise, discuss options. The faster we voice the desire, the faster it will be realized.

If you have found any of these signs in yourself, then it's just wonderful! Seriously. This is a reason to rejoice at the find, because now you know what to work with. You have all the cards in your hands, and your success in your career depends only on you.

You can change any of the five points in yourself, learn a new way of thinking and acting. But only if you really want it. So stop living in past scenarios. Change yourself and the world around!