If you have not noticed such a pattern before, then you should take a closer look at your pet and its behavior.

Why do cats sharpen their claws only when the owner - you will be surprised

How do cats greet you when you get home? Everyone, of course, does it differently, but mostly they run to the door, caress, rub against their legs, meow. And then what? Here you can watch the oil painting, when the cats, after the greeting ritual, begin to scratch something - a sofa, bed or other furniture. In the best case scenario, it may turn out to be a scratching post.

You shush at them, get angry (if it’s still not a scratching post, but your favorite sofa), and also, if you’ve observed the pet’s behavior before, you notice that it does it only in front of you. Here the question arises - why? We will try to answer it.

Why do cats sharpen their claws?

If we consider this phenomenon as a whole, then it will turn out to have quite a few reasons. Firstly, in this way cats show their instinct and express emotions . They want to relieve stress, relax, throw out aggression. And this method really helps them.

It is important not to wean the cat from scratching something completely - it is useless. You just need to switch his energy in the right direction - buy a scratching post and accustom your pet to it. Then the nerves will be intact, and the claws sharpened.

Secondly, by scratching objects, cats take care of their claws, removing the dead layer from them . This can be compared to how people lose their hair or the epidermis is renewed. We also go for the same pedicure, where the masters remove the keratinized layers. It's the same with cats. Only they are experts in their own right.

Why do cats sharpen their claws?

 Thirdly, cats do stretching in this way. Most often, when they scratch something, they lazily stretch and arch their backs, stretching their joints. This is good for their health. Especially cats who stay at home all the time and are not very active.

The most interesting thing is that cats also mark territory during the claw point , since it is on their paws that they have olfactory pads. Thus, purrs make it clear to other members of the cat family that they are not allowed to enter here.

Why do they only do it in front of the owners?

It has long been a myth that cats are rather selfish creatures. It seems that they are not so strongly attached to the owners, they demonstrate their feelings and devotion. Allegedly, no one better than dogs has yet been invented in this. But in reality this is not entirely true.

Cats sharpen their claws when they see the owner because they so want to show their joy  - their beloved person is at home, which means this is an occasion to show love to him, show devotion. And the purrs do it in such an unusual way.