When you have been together for a long time, romance fades into the background, giving way to everyday life, and the relationship may be in jeopardy. Valentina Krasnikova, mother-heroine of the first degree and female coach, told how to strengthen the connection with her husband.

What to talk about with your husband: an exercise from a psychologist "15 minutes on the couch"

The relationship between spouses is like a flower. They need to be looked after, watered and spud. Too often we find ourselves under the yoke of problems, misunderstandings, difficulties at work and with children. It is not surprising that in such conditions the former intimacy, romance and trust gradually disappear. Remember, it takes time and effort to maintain and renew relationships. And most importantly, find simple, interesting ways every day.

Exercise "15 minutes on the couch"

Try with your husband to regularly perform a simple exercise "15 minutes on the couch." At that time:

  • You put each other first
  • Dedicate yourself to your spouse
  • Sincere and open
  • Children see that mom and dad are interested together
Spend those special 15 minutes together. Discuss important events, talk about the successes of the children, take an interest in how the day went. But not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance.

My husband (probably like yours) is not very talkative. Most of all, he cannot stand the phrase "Let's talk" or his wife's psychoanalysis sessions . On this, all men are wedged. Therefore, we need him not to feel threatened that he will now be interrogated. AND be patient. Our brutal men are not very talkative, they need our help in building a conversation(after all, we are professionals in this field).

For such cases, there is a game "5 questions". You just ask each other 5 simple questions. You ask about him, he asks about you. You don't have to come up with something special. Let it be simple everyday topics. This game helps to learn how to communicate and speak fluently. The list of questions and the format of communication are very individual. But it definitely needs both of you.

It is important that at this moment the children see you, but do not interfere and do not try to attract attention to themselves. For them, this exercise will also be very useful. In this way, they learn self-control, respect for boundaries and parental personal time. In fact, most disputes are easily resolved over the course of a conversation. Do not neglect communication with each other. Two adults who are open to solving problems will easily overcome them. Love and inspire each other!