The modern rhythm of life does not always leave us free time for a full meal. Therefore, so many people dine in eateries every day, which negatively affects their health.

What to order in fast food to keep your waistline and not get fat

Therefore, so many people dine in eateries every day, which negatively affects their health. The physician Thomas Campbell, in his book The China Study in Practice, gives several recommendations for the choice of food in public establishments.

A healthy diet is a whole, plant-based diet that contains the richest sources of nutrients. It has been shown to reverse heart disease and diabetes, promote weight loss, and have other benefits. It is based on whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

However, in order to start eating right, you need to change your habits. We all love delicious and convenient food, but what should we order now that we want to eat more and right? Below is a list of food outlets that are safer than others .

If you have very little time, and the stomach is plaintively asking for at least some food, you can go to a fast food restaurant. The harm from this food has been proven by many studies, but if you have no other choice, then choose the lesser evil.


Vegetarian sandwich without cheese. Take all the vegetables (ask for more!) and put the mayonnaise aside. Instead, try adding some mustard with vinegar and oregano. Their bread is never perfect, but honey-oat and nine-grain wheat may be a little healthier than the rest.

Burger King

If you are used to this chain, try the veggie burger. Ask for lettuce and tomatoes, but no mayonnaise.

local pizzeria

Pizza without cheese with extra tomato sauce and vegetables.


It happens, including in some fast foods, that oatmeal is cooked on water. But don't forget that flavored oatmeal is very high in sugar, and if you eat that much sugar in the morning, the fuel will not last long.

Classic establishments

If you prefer more sophisticated places where you can not only have a quick bite, but also relax, discuss business with a partner or relax with friends, then look for classic places that also have safe food.

Chinese cuisine

Many Chinese restaurants today offer diet menus and various steamed vegetables with gravy. They are very useful and delicious!

Thai cuisine

Order vegetarian options and as many steamed vegetables as possible. It's tasty, but be careful with the curry - it's soaked through with fat.

Indian food

As in Thai cuisine, you will find many vegetables in it, although Indians often add fat to them - vegetable oil or ghee. Nevertheless, even this is better than dishes in which there are no vegetables at all.

Greek cuisine

Hummus, eggplant, grilled vegetables. If possible, ask to add less oil to them.

Mexican cuisine

Vegetarian fajitas and burritos. If possible, order steamed vegetables to avoid eating butter. Avoid dishes with cheese and sour cream.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is a bit more complicated. Vegetarian dishes are usually tasteless and unhealthy mixtures of white flour, tomatoes, butter and salt, but you can almost always find primavera pasta or marinara spaghetti.