Each of us at least once in our lives had a feeling of uncertainty, when everything seems insipid and monotonous, and a new vector has not yet been found. At such moments, it is important to learn to ask yourself the right questions that will create motivation.

"What do I really want?": 20 questions to yourself to understand it

1. Is this my life?

We live and do not notice that some thoughts, desires, emotions are imposed from the outside by society, parents, colleagues, the state. Demand an honest answer from yourself: are all my aspirations, feelings my own? When the feeling that you are out of place does not leave, it can be dangerous for both health and life.

2. Do I have a goal?

This question can be formulated differently: "Am I on the right track?" The goal should be significant, global, whatever you do. It determines the vector of life. If you feel that it is taking you in the wrong direction, grab the steering wheel and change course for a happy future.

3. What is my level of self-esteem?

Low self-esteem  is a common cause of failures, unfulfilled desires. If you scold yourself, look for flaws, you will never achieve significant results and you will always be in the shadow of more successful people.

4. Am I moving towards my goal?

It is not enough just to indicate aspiration. You need to take action to achieve your goal. The answer to this question will make it clear whether you are taking certain steps along this path, or are you “stuck” in a world of dreams?

5. Is it worth looking into the future?

We are all afraid of tomorrow in one way or another. It is fraught with uncertainty, which frightens and alarms. Do not focus on negative feelings and try to overcome them: it will be a waste of energy.

Focus on what you can do here and now. Solve current problems. If there are global goals, break them down into small steps and gradually, day after day, without stress, go towards your dream. Then there will be no trace of fear.

6. What is my reaction to failure?

Misfortunes, disappointments can make you give up, freeze, "knock out of the saddle." But one has only to change the word “failure” to “temporary difficulties”, as internal energy and motivation arise. After all, it is easier to cope with such difficulties, and it does not require emotional stress.

7. How much time am I wasting?

Time management question . Do you have a habit of planning your day? If not, then try. After analyzing the statistics, you will understand where you procrastinate and how to spend your time more efficiently.

8. What do I draw inspiration from?

Surround yourself with loved ones, pleasant things - everything that fills you with a resource and positive. Think about what burdens or prevents you from making life happy. Eliminate these nuances, create a creative environment around you that will set you up for work and self-development.

9. What is my environment?

The question is inextricably linked to the previous one. Communication with people should be pleasant, comfortable and not cause negative emotions.

10. What can I be grateful for in life?

Remember your successes, realize the value of life and thank her for everything that was and is happening now. Worthy accept any gifts of fate.

11. When did I learn something new?

Self-development is an important part of success and a happy life. Today there are many opportunities for comfortable learning without leaving home. Think about what you would be interested in learning during the year, distribute the load in accordance with your resources - and forward to progress!

12. When do I feel the happiest?

When you understand your emotions and understand whether you are in the right place, start creating conditions for a happy life around you. But for this you need to know exactly what will be most comfortable for you.

13. Do I care about the health of the body?

This question is one of the most important. Analyze whether there is enough physical activity in your life, whether you eat right, whether you have enough strength to implement your plans.

14. What is my mood in the morning?

Sometimes from the very beginning of the day we show irritation, pour out negativity on other people. This makes it difficult to establish harmony with oneself and poisons the life of others.

15. What would I like to improve in myself?

Excessive self-digging worsens the quality of life. But sometimes it is useful to analyze the emotional state and behavior in order to “edit” certain aspects of your image.

16. When am I most productive?

Knowing exactly whether you are a “lark” or an “owl”, you can create a convenient schedule for work and always remain in the resource.

17. What can you do today to help someone?

Volunteering, compassion bring up spirituality and raise the energy level. If you do good with all your heart, you and those around you will live better.

18. Do I need all the things in the closet? 

Do the cleaning, do the decluttering . An excess of things depresses mental health. As soon as order comes to the house, harmony in thoughts and feelings comes.

19. What would I do differently if I could relive this moment?

The only question that is definitely not worth looking for an answer to. You are just wasting your time and resources. It is better to focus on the current moment and think about how to live it as productively and correctly as possible.

20. What will I do when I answer all the questions?

Each of them will help you to know yourself better. Sometimes the answers sound unpleasant and even painful. But this is the starting point for further personal growth.