Eyebrows are one of the aesthetic dominants of the face. The overall impression of the image largely depends on their neat and well-groomed appearance.

Transplant or laminate: a dermatologist tells how to get sable eyebrows

And eyebrows often become a visualization of current trends. Do you remember how we went from narrow threads in the 2000s to a radical brightening bold decision in 2022? Meanwhile, when boldly experimenting with this part of the facial hair, it is important to remember that eyebrows are primarily hair, the growth phase of which is 4 to 6 weeks. When growing eyebrows, you need to be patient. The process of eyebrow growth is no different from the process of hair growth on the head and on other parts of the body. Plucked carelessly? It will be possible to return to the previous form only after a couple of months.

What is inherited

Characteristics such as thickness, growth rate, and the length that eyebrows can in principle grow back are largely determined by genetic factors. Therefore, if they are naturally rare, it is impossible to radically affect the number of hairs and their thickness - the number of hair follicles is laid before birth.

What to do if the eyebrows do not want to grow back or there are gaps? We figure out when to see a doctor and what can be done at home.

blue eyebrow effect

If the eyebrows are not thick enough, and there is not enough time and patience for their daily “tinting”, you can resort to such a procedure as permanent makeup. With a correctly performed procedure, the pigment gradually fades, and after a couple of years it can be repeated if desired. However, it is important to remember that if the manipulation is performed incorrectly, the pigment fades into an absolutely unpredictable shade (most often blue or brick) and remains in the form of such a “tattoo” for many years. Therefore, the choice of a permanent makeup master must be approached with care.

"Grow hair big and long"

A radical way to get thick eyebrows is hair transplantation. This manipulation has serious disadvantages:

  • donor hair is taken, as a rule, from the occipital region. And their ability to grow after transplantation on the eyebrows does not disappear, so every 3-4 weeks the transplanted hairs will have to be trimmed.
  • transplanted hairs will not adapt to the direction of eyebrow growth and may stick out when growing back, so they will need to be styled.

Guard! What's happening?

If everything was in order with the eyebrows, but they suddenly began to fall out, it is necessary to find and eliminate the cause. Most often, hair thinning occurs as a result of some negative impact on the body. These are, for example, infectious diseases, taking medications, prolonged stress, nutritional deficiencies, and others. This type of thinning is called reactive telogen effluvium. To the same group we can include hair thinning caused by mechanical trauma.

A common mistake that many make is regular plucking of eyebrows . Girls especially suffered from this in the 90s, when eyebrow threads were popular. Constant hair pulling can lead to trauma to the hair follicles, some of which cannot be restored later.

To help restore and improve hair growth with reactive thinning, various eyebrow products can. Their composition, as a rule, includes special peptides and other components that improve microcirculation and nutrition of hair follicles,as well as prolonging the hair growth phase - anagen.It is impossible not to mention the popular, but banned in many countries, products for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes with hormone-like lipids prostaglandins in the composition. These components do have an effect on hair growth, however, they have side effects in the form of hyperpigmentation and proliferation of the vascular network in the application area.

There are situations when the hair in the eyebrow area begins to grow worse. If you notice this, please see a dermatologist. Thinning hair in the area of ​​the superciliary arches can be a symptom of the disease. Dryness, redness, peeling, itching on the skin in this area are warning signs and also a reason to see a doctor.

Be obedient

If everything is in order with health issues, then you can think about the aesthetic part of the issue. For example, eyebrow masters have such a service as eyebrow lamination. It is especially relevant if the hairs bristle and grow in different directions. Then they are applied with special compounds resembling perm solutions. They allow you to give the hairs the desired direction. Also, during the procedure, products with a firming and regenerating effect are used. The effect lasts 3-4 weeks.