The iron burned out, the light bulbs explode one by one, the furniture breaks and things disappear. Something is wrong here.

This promises failure: 12 signs that the brownie in your apartment is dissatisfied with life

Most likely, the keeper of the house, that is, the brownie, gives signs to the owners that he is angry. And when evil spirits, though kind, get angry, they play pranks. How else to show people that they are wrong?

What did you do wrong

The wayward domestic spirit considers itself the sole and full owner of the dwelling, and perceives people as guests. Therefore, when they begin to do things that are unpleasant for him, the brownie gets angry and shows his displeasure in all possible ways. Most often, four things make the brownie angry.

  • Loud noise. No, not children's games, the spirit likes to watch how children have fun, but screams, swearing and constant showdown. We decided to quarrel with each other - quarrel with the brownie.
  • Clutter, dirt, dust and fuss.
  • Dirty dishes. This brownie just can not stand. Like sharp objects left on the table overnight.
  • Disbelief in its existence or a cheeky statement by a person: "I am the boss here." The owner, of course, but not the only one.

12 signs of resentment brownie

Brownie leprosy can manifest itself in different ways - sometimes harmless, and sometimes very seriously. Have you noticed that you:

  • Sweet disappears;
  • Things are suddenly not where you left them;
  • The water itself flows from the tap;
  • The door seems to have been closed, but it is open again;
  • Strange rustles, noises, but there are no animals in the house;
  • If there are pets, then their behavior has changed. The cat, calm and neat before, began to misbehave and spoil;
  • Wallpaper peels off, plaster falls off, skirting boards come off, pipes leak;
  • Sockets sparkle and crackle;
  • Bulbs burn out at the speed of light;
  • It is not clear where the dust comes from, right 5 minutes after the general cleaning;
  • Flowers dry up and die, although their care remains the same;
  • Gadgets break down and furniture breaks, door handles fall off, you have to change spare parts in plumbing all the time.

Perhaps this is not even a brownie naughty, but evil spirits started up, because there was no one to be afraid of: the keeper of your home took and left you, leaving you to the mercy of fate.

How to restore friendship with the brownie?

The housewife doesn't need much. He loves silence, food, order and honor. There are some very simple ways to make friends with a brownie:

  1. Cover his dinner and leave it overnight. Let him enjoy cookies, bread, sweets. Stop arguing and bring negativity into the house. Hang an amulet or icon over the front door to protect your home from evil forces.
  2. Keep clean. Clear rubble promptly. Give away old unwanted items. Don't leave piles of dirty dishes in the sink. Make room for fresh air to circulate. Ventilate rooms as often as possible.
  3. Light candles. Play with children. Cry less and laugh more. And you will be happy.