As we age, certain changes begin in our body. In particular, in the work of the liver and pancreas. The microflora in the intestine also changes its composition, which dictates the need for nutrition correction. There are no strict dietary restrictions, but we will name a number of products whose consumption should be reduced.

The doctor listed products that are especially dangerous after 40 years

There are no strict dietary restrictions, but a number of products, the use of which should be reduced, were named by coloproctologist, surgeon Yulia Plotnikova. 

1. Salt

And here, rather, not the gastroenterological aspect is important. The fact is that excessive salt intake has been proven to lead to cardiovascular pathology (hypertension, angina pectoris - “angina pectoris”, heart attacks, strokes).

2. Red meat and products of its processing (sausages, sausages and other offal)

The consumption of red meat is one of the risk factors for the development of tumor diseases, and, accordingly, it is recommended to limit its consumption. An alternative is white meat (poultry) and, of course, fish - the latter also rich in omega fatty acids, which can slow down the aging process in the cells of the body and regulate the function of the liver and gallbladder.

3. Alcohol

Everyone knows about the fleeting consequences of drinking alcohol - a hangover, but it is worth mentioning that regular consumption of drinks "with a degree" exhausts our liver, reduces its activity, and it is the main organ that processes harmful food components. Also, alcohol-containing drinks increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by inhibiting the activity of pancreatic cells.

4. Carbonated drinks

The use of soda affects the stomach and, in particular, can contribute to the development of "reflux" of gastric contents into the lower esophagus, causing heartburn, coughing, and even more unpleasant consequences - gastric metaplasia (partly a precancerous condition).

5. Spicy food

The capsaicin found in peppers (Carolina Reaper and jalapeno fans, be careful) doesn't affect the initially healthy gastrointestinal tract too much, but it can cause problems like exacerbating hemorrhoidal disease.

6. Milk

This is an excellent source of calcium and food for our microflora, but literally every second person has lactase deficiency - the absence or decrease in the enzyme that breaks down milk proteins - and with age, the digestibility of milk protein, even with an initially active enzyme system, can drop to the development of bloating and diarrhea. It is preferable to use sour-milk products and cheeses.

7. Fatty varieties of fish and meat

These are, for example, pangasius, burbot, chinook salmon, mackerel, ivasi, whitefish, saury, omul, halibut, herring. From meat - pork, lamb. The use of fatty meat and fish requires an active regime of bile production and bile secretion.

In addition, it is worth reducing the consumption of smoked meats, “fast carbohydrates” (fast food and bakery products), as well as strong tea and coffee.