There is nothing particularly difficult in "marrying" gold with silver. But jewelry with a touch of noble antiquity paired with beaded earrings is already a more difficult task, right? Let's figure out how and why to combine all this.

1. Start with the main

Start with the main

That is, central. No matter how much jewelry you plan to wear, there is probably the “most-most” for which everything is started. As a rule, it is something bright, catchy or rather large. Let it become a kind of starting point, and all other elements neatly complement it.

2. Use layers

Layering is a trend not only in clothing, but also in jewelry. Therefore, it is best for the most daring (and sometimes crazy) accessory combinations that it is not very difficult to layer on top of each other. Bracelets? Yes. Necklaces? Certainly. And even rings, if they are not too wide. And, of course, earrings, if you are the lucky owner of several piercings.

3. Keep a balance

Keep a balance

As much as you want to stand out even more, keep your rebellious nature in check and keep balance in mind. Or, to put it more simply, follow the simple rule: small with large and long with short. Just imagine how cool chandelier earrings with a lot of studs or a ring with a large stone in the company of three or four weightless rings can look.

4. Celebrate difference

What would have been called kitsch or bad taste a few years ago is now a trend and “yes, a little strange, but how original.” And you need to use it! If you know how to weave from beads or have long wanted to learn - then you have the cards in your hands. Because this kind of naive jewelry can now and should be combined with the noblest of metals. Well, the option is simpler: you can borrow earrings from your daughter / niece or look for something suitable in the children's department.

5. Stay Fit

Stay Fit

More precisely, within the same form, if you are just starting to combine decorations of different styles and are afraid to make a mistake. Attention: this does not mean that earrings and rings should be from the same set. On the contrary, from different - but at the same time, as if distant  relatives . Let's say with elements in the form of circles and ovals or squares and rectangles.

6. Add colors

Going not to the Brazilian carnival, but to a business meeting? Even a bright spot won't hurt her. On a discreet metal background, it will look especially impressive, drawing attention to you and at the same time raising the mood of others. Well, how juicy that very spot will be depends only on you (and, let's be fair, a little bit on the dress code ).

7. Focus on one

Focus on one

There are three areas where we usually wear tzatski: wrists, ears and neck. When you master the art of combining the incompatible to perfection, you can decorate them all. But for now, give preference to only one, focusing on what you are more comfortable with. Simplifying: do not try to match bracelets, no matter how captivated you are by photos in magazines and on websites, if in ordinary life you wear them once a year, but crazy about earrings.

In general, don't be afraid of anything. Who does not take risks does not drink their favorite cocktails. And who does not make mistakes, he does not become a fashion icon;)