We are talking about the directions in needlework that have been trending for the last 2-3 years and are not going to lose ground.

Needlework for the home: 10 most interesting and trendy types of handmade in 2023

Needlework is back in high esteem. It was in the 90s and early 2000s that it was not cool to wear handmade. Now everything is different - everyone likes cool handmade. Therefore, in 2022, the demand for needlework products has doubled compared to the previous one. Most of all, Russians bought beads, yarn, knitting needles, kits for modeling and sewing. Also on the list of leaders was soap making and candle making. To make it clearer, here are the numbers. According to RBC, patterns for cutting fabrics were bought more often by 292%, needle beds - by 109%, and patterns - by 260%.

In addition to pleasure, all these hobbies are competitive and may well be profitable. From our article you will find out what interesting needlework for the home is suitable for beginners and how to find your own. 

List of types of needlework: how to find your own

The opportunities that we have now allow you to immerse yourself and try any needlework. For this, it is not necessary to take courses or enter a specialized education. It is enough to open the Internet, find the kind of handmade that interests you and slowly learn the basics, for example, knitting. You will be able to find your business if: 

  • not be afraid to start something new;
  • do not retreat after the first unsuccessful attempt;
  • do not reproach yourself if you feel that you made a mistake and want to change your hobby. 

In needlework, as in many other areas of life, patience and determination are important. But you also need to listen to your intuition - do not force yourself to do something just because it is in trend. It is better to look for a hobby that you really enjoy. In this case, it will be easier to develop. 

Before plunging into the world of needlework, it is better to write out several types of handmade that you like more than others, and then delve into each one in turn and without haste. As you learn new skills, it's important to keep track of your emotions. Three basic questions will help with this - ask yourself after the first lesson: 

  1. Do you like how you feel during needlework? 
  2. Does a healthy passion appear or do you think: “I would rather finish it and do something else”?
  3. Do you want to know more about this direction?

This thoughtful approach will help you more likely to find a job to your liking. Especially if there was no experience of needlework before.

Types of needlework

We list the most popular and interesting types of needlework that are suitable for beginners. Demand was measured by the relevant media agenda - publications about needlework, as well as fashion shows, where handicrafts were in the spotlight. 

1. Knitting

Knitting has been a leader among the types of needlework for more than a decade or even a century. This craft has been accompanying man since prehistoric times. For example, our distant ancestors made simple knots to fasten pieces of leather to each other. In 2020, there has been a new boom in interest in knitting and crocheting. One of the popularizers of such handmade work was England swimmer Tom Daley. During the Winter Olympics in Tokyo, he attracted attention not only for his sports skills, but also for knitting.

Sitting in the stands, Daley was knitting a sweater with the symbols of the Olympic Games. After it turned out that the swimmer has been seriously interested in this needlework for many years and creates interesting models of vests, sweaters and other clothes. In 2022, he was interviewed for Dior where he spoke at length about his love of knitting. In a separate article, we made a photo selection about men who love to knit. 

2. Beading

Homemade jewelry and figurines made of beads in the 90s were mainly made by schoolgirls, and in 2021, beading has become a powerful trend. Chokers, pendants, rings and bracelets made of tiny beads and glass beads have become full-fledged competitors of jewelry. A lot of craftsmen have appeared on social networks who create such beauty for sale. Stylish  beaded jewelry can be both simple and complex technique. Therefore, it will be interesting to weave both beginners and experienced. In 2023, this handmade continues to hold a leading position. 

3. Sewing

The third eternal trendsetter among the types of needlework is, of course, sewing. The growing interest in exclusive, or custom, things has attracted hundreds of young men and women into the world of fashion design. Also, the popularity was influenced by the eco-trend - reasonable consumption. Instead of going and just buying something, many began to alter old clothes, create one new one from two or three or more old things. This approach is called recycling, which in literal translation from English means “returning to the circle”. Adapted meaning is a second life. 

In the public domain there are patterns and master classes for sewing various things. Finding something to your liking will be easy. You can refer to ready-made patterns on the Burda. Style website.

4. Creating candles

In 2023, everyone can become the owner of a small home candle factory. All the necessary ingredients are sold in hobby hypermarkets and market places. Interest in the creation of candles manifested itself brighter with the release of a "figured" candle in the form of a female torso. She first appeared at the it-girl brand Kim Kardashian. Now the ebb mold is freely available, like many others. 

5. Soap making

Another fragrant type of needlework is soap making. Handmade bar soap is a niche craft that has changed quite a bit in 2023. For example, if the fashion for molded candles is now at its peak, then soap making passed this stage 1-2 years ago. Now the trend is simple, as if chopped, forms. The composition may vary depending on the idea of ​​the author, but the main focus is on forest and field herbs.

6. Modeling from clay, or Pottery

A hobby for those who, as a child, loved to create figures from plasticine or wet sand.This type of needlework borders on pottery, so if you want to go beyond miniature polymer clay crafts, including jewelry, you can try your hand at sculpting cups, coasters, plates on a potter's wheel. However, such a hobby is already beyond home - you have to enroll in a studio to learn the basics. Who knows, maybe later this will encourage him to open his own workshop.  

7. Macrame

Macrame products add coziness and boho style  to any interior. One canvas of thick twisted threads and cords is enough to make the room play in a new way. As a home hobby, macrame is perfect - it's inexpensive and dust-free. Suitable cords are sold in hardware stores, and as a base - a holder on which the first knots will be fixed - you can use any straight stick or thick metal knitting needle.

8. Scrapbooking

This type of needlework is used to decorate books, photo albums, notebooks and individual pages. The name "scrapbooking" consists of two English words "scrap" and "beech". The literal translation is "cut out of a book". And there is not a drop of exaggeration in this, because earlier materials for scrapbooking were cut out of everything that came to hand. Now everything is much easier. All components are sold in sets. Usually they include pens, felt-tip pens with different effects, stickers, elegant napkins and ribbons. So you can fantasize and come up with your own original collage in different styles.

9. Quilling

Quil means "bird's feather" in English. The name of the craft was due to the technique of execution. The essence of quilling is the creation of three-dimensional compositions from pieces of multi-colored or white paper twisted into tight tubes. In the quilling technique, paintings, postcards, photo frames and much more are made. In Russian, such needlework is also called paper rolling.

10. Amigurumi

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting. Only in this case they do not knit things, but small animals and fantastic characters. This creative direction is not as popular as beading, but is actively gaining momentum in 2023. By the way, tiny characters can be made not only from yarn and dense threads, but also from beads.