Cushion looks like a powder box. The classic cushion has a top lid that flips open to reveal a mirror and comes with an application sponge. Inside the package is a pad that is soaked in a cosmetic product - usually a foundation or BB cream, often with an SPF filter. Recently, shadows, blush and highlighter cushions have also appeared.

Korean Miracle: How to Use a Face Cushion

Why is there a pillow in the cushion

In a cosmetic cushion, it is made of a soft porous sponge that works like a sieve. If you have made cheesecakes at least once, then you know that the chef recommends grinding the cottage cheese through a sieve. Due to this, it is enriched with oxygen and becomes more airy and homogeneous. A sponge in a cushion works on the same principle: by entering through its micro-holes, the liquid cosmetic is enriched with oxygen, its texture becomes lighter, and it fits better on the skin.

According to the idea of ​​the creators, when you press the pad with a sponge, exactly as much funds are released as needed for application at a time. But this is a moot point, because the strength and number of clicks are different for everyone, and in principle, someone likes a transparent one, and someone likes a dense coating. But in any case, it will not look like a mask, no matter how used to using a face cushion.

How to choose the right cushion

Usually on sale there are Korean and European cushions. The former are considered the "founders" of the cushion (it was the Korean company that invented the sun protection with a sponge in 2007), the latter are the successors of the traditions. Korean foundation cushions are more suitable for those who are worried about pigmentation and matte complexion. In Korea, there is a trend for white matte skin, so cushions for the most part have a high SPF and contain a lot of sebum-regulating components.

It is also believed that Korean cushions are better suited to owners of problem skin, because they have a large amount of tinting pigments and cover imperfections well. And almost always they include caring ingredients - antibacterial in products for oily and problem skin (tea tree oil, licorice root extract) and moisturizing - for normal and dry skin (avocado oil, seaweed extract). And a lot of Korean cushions, especially BB products, with anti-aging effects. If you are interested in the fight against wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, then you should learn how to apply cushion on the face with Centella Asiatica, snail mucin.

There are also Korean cushion creams without tinting particles with a high SPF that can be used as an urban sunscreen, as a makeup base or finish. They have a white texture that merges with the skin tone when applied and creates an even, velvety finish. Just keep in mind - if you apply such a tool as a base for makeup, under decorative cosmetics, its sun protection properties will be blocked.

How to use Korean face cushion correctly

How to use face cushion? Cushion product should be applied to clean and moisturized skin with a dry sponge, and it should be distributed over the face and neck. On the Internet, you can find advice - to moisten the sponge before applying to create a more resistant coating. This cannot be done, because an undried sponge, placed after use in a “powder box” without air access, will become an easy prey for bacteria to multiply. If you want long-lasting coverage, apply a primer under your foundation or BB cream, or choose a long-lasting foundation first.

If you use blush or eyeshadow with a built-in tip pad, it is best to apply the product not directly to the skin, but first to the brush. This will be more hygienic, because sebum and dirt particles will settle on the pad, and over time can provoke the growth of bacteria and inflammation of the skin. The brush can always be washed and dried after use.

How to save money on shopping

Many cosmetic brands meet their regular customers and release refills of their favorite cushions. They cost less because you don't pay for packaging, but only directly for filling. Refills are also good because you can buy several shades of foundation, mixing them to get the perfect tone, or use one as a tone and the second as a concealer - against small imperfections or circles under the eyes.