You can prolong youth not only by radical methods with the help of plastic surgery. Especially for us, the stylist has sorted out popular and working ways to hide the true age and look younger with the help of a new hairstyle and coloring.

Immediately minus 10: what hairstyles and shades of hair help visually rejuvenate

It is impossible to find a universal elixir of youth - what makes one younger can age another. However, there are general laws on how color and shape visually correct appearance - let's analyze them.

1. Short haircuts

Short haircuts

Alas, long hair will not add lightness if the skin of the face is not tightened. They really suit girls up to about fifty years old, and further emphasize the nuances of the condition of the skin of the face. Having overcome this milestone, it is worth gradually getting rid of the length- but this does not mean that the haircut should be extremely short, the elegant options are listed below, from which you can choose the best one with your stylist.

So, in order to “defeat gravity”, it is worth visually “lifting” the face, building additional volumes. Bob, elongated bob, pixie - it is this length that will refresh the image.

2. Light bangs

Light bangs

For most masters, bangs are a tool for correcting the shape of the face. So, she can make a woman visually younger by simply hiding wrinkles on her forehead. However, you should not cut a smooth, absolutely straight bang, which will cover the entire forehead. Choose a light, weightless option with the master. It will perform the function of masking and enliven the image - trust the hair stylist to find the best solution for your appearance.

3. Warm shades in coloring

Warm shades in coloring

Wanting to look younger, choose warm shades in coloring, which add a refreshing warm undertone to the skin, highlight, emphasize the blush. Moreover, the right shade will help achieve a lifting effect.

Move on to caramel-honey and copper-brown tones, amber shades. They make the face more radiant and healthy, helping to visually lose a few years. It really works!

The absolute “no” for older ladies is total black coloring. This is the worst way to hide gray hair and not only because it will grow too noticeably. Black color absorbs light, and if it frames the face, signs of fatigue - bruises and bags under the eyes - will become more noticeable. Moreover, black additionally emphasizes any wrinkles and skin irregularities.

4. Warm blonde

Warm blonde

How to choose a blonde color that will visually make you younger? Warm and golden shades give a soft elegance to the image, but if you want some kind of neutrality, then you can pay attention to natural beige.The main thing is to get away from ash and platinum blondes, as they can add age.

Sometimes we can see the very cold blonde in the photos from the red carpet, which is worth the noble image of May Mask, who manages to look luxurious, despite her age.

But still, do not rush to repeat such coloring after the stars - they are constantly in the hands of stylists who select competent makeup and clothes for any look. For everyday life, it is better to choose warmer tones.

5. Well-groomed gray hair

Well-groomed gray hair

The trend to not paint over gray hair is undeniable. However, in order for gray hair to look stylish and well-groomed, several rules must be observed. Be sure to use products for the care of gray hair and make a haircut that emphasizes the dignity of the shape of the face. It is important to carefully care for your hair so that it looks healthy and smooth, and choose a styling that will be comfortable to do every day. Unfortunately,gray hair without the necessary care and styling can make the image untidy.

Experiment with style: natural gray hair will perfectly fit into the images, complemented by accessories and makeup.

And do not forget that the image consists not only of hair, but also of clothing style, makeup and your own self-confidence!