Ear wax is a necessary component that protects the hearing organ from the negative effects of the environment. But with excessive excretion, poor hygiene and air pollution, a lump forms that clogs the external auditory canal. Hydrogen peroxide from sulfur plugs is a reliable and affordable remedy. How to properly carry out the procedure so as not to harm health?

How to remove an ear plug with hydrogen peroxide

How to remove an ear plug with hydrogen peroxide

With mechanical damage to the skin, this remedy is used as a bactericidal. Pollution of the ear canal is also eliminated with hydrogen peroxide. To prevent the plug from forming, it is recommended to regularly wipe the ears with a solution, and not be limited to cleaning with cotton swabs.

This procedure is carried out as follows:

  • moisten a cotton pad in peroxide concentration of 3-5%. If the skin of the auricles is prone to irritation, mix the product with water in a 1 to 1 ratio;
  • insert a disk into the ear canal so that it fits snugly against the ear. Leave such a "compress" for 5 minutes;
  • gently remove the cotton, wipe the cleaned area with cotton swabs.

If a lot of wax has accumulated in the ear cavity, then regular wiping will not be able to clean the ear canal properly. In this case, hydrogen peroxide comes to the rescue again.

  • To clear the ear of a large accumulation of sulfur, you must:
  • Dilute 20 drops of a three percent solution in a tablespoon of boiled cold water;
  • 10 drops of the product should be carefully dripped into each ear (the liquid should not be colder than room temperature);
  • wait 10 minutes;
  • pull out the sulfur plugs with cotton swabs

The sulfur plug can be removed as follows:

  • draw peroxide of the same concentration into the syringe (without a needle) as in previous cases;
  • drip 10 drops of the product into each ear, tilting your head;
  • carefully pour 20 ml of boiled water into each ear with a syringe at least 5 times. Cork particles will come out with water;
  • straighten up after 10 minutes, remove the leaked peroxide with parts of the cork with a cotton pad;
  • wipe the ear canal with dry cotton swabs.
Do not worry if the contamination is not removed after the first instillation, in some cases at least 4 procedures will be required. After a thorough cleansing, hearing improves, discomfort and dizziness disappear.

According to reviews, hydrogen peroxide from ear plugs is a safe and quick way to remove wax from the ear canal. This procedure is suitable for both adults and children. Nevertheless, for the delicate skin of a child, a weak concentration of peroxide is recommended, a pediatrician's consultation is necessary.