The kitchen is the place where we prepare food, spend time with family and friends and, of course, clean up. In the article we tell you how to maintain cleanliness without much effort.

How to quickly clean up the kitchen: 9 life hacks for express cleaning

1. Clean up while cooking

Don't leave dirty dishes and pots on the stove while you're cooking. Immediately after use, put them in the sink and mine. We also advise you to immediately wipe the countertops, stove from drops and splashes. This will help to avoid the accumulation of dirty dishes and will save time on cleaning.

2. Use a damp cloth

A damp cloth allows you to quickly and easily remove dirt, stains on the table, stove and other surfaces. And try to use detergents that do not require rinsing with water. This will help you sort things out faster.

3. Create a storage system

Store dishes and kitchen utensils in special drawers and cabinets. We also recommend using coasters for pans and lids to keep cabinets and shelves organized. When each item has its place, then it is easier to find and return it where it should be.

4. Clean up after yourself after eating

Don't put off cleaning until later, as dirt and stains will only get harder to remove over time. Immediately after finishing your meal, put the dishes in the sink and start cleaning. This will help to avoid the accumulation of dirty dishes in the future.

5. Use the microwave to wash dishes

If you need to clean a dirty pan but don't have time to wash it, put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Steam will help soften the dirt, then it is easy to remove it with a damp sponge. This is an easy and quick way to clean dishes when there is no time for a regular wash.

6. Organize your desk space

Remove all unnecessary items and kitchen utensils from the table surface. This will create visual order in the kitchen. When there are fewer items left on the table, cleanliness takes less time.

7. Put the trash can in a visible place

Allows you to quickly and easily throw away garbage and avoid its accumulation in the kitchen. When the garbage container is in a conspicuous place, it is easy to notice and use it for its intended purpose.

8. Clean faucets and sinks from water deposits

Use detergent or vinegar to remove deposits and do this regularly. This will help keep your kitchen clean and shiny, as well as keep bacteria and dirt from building up.

9. Use odor removers

Use odor removers such as lemon, vinegar , or coffee beans. These products will help eliminate unpleasant odors and make the air in the kitchen fresh. It's important that It was not only clean, but also pleasant to stay in this room.