You'd be surprised how many things they can come up with.

How to develop creativity in children: 7 simple and effective ways

All parents are familiar with this situation: you need at least five minutes to catch your breath, answer an urgent message or cook dinner, but the children insistently demand that you entertain them . The easiest way is to put a tablet or joystick into their hands . True, then, when you need to eat, do homework or go to bed, they cannot be torn off the screen without a scandal.

One gets the impression that, spending all their free time on gadgets, children have lost their naturally rich imagination and are simply not able to come up with something interesting on their own. Luckily, there are simple (and fun) ways to spark creativity in kids.

1. Give kids an idea for drawing

Children tend to love to draw, but often can't think of what to draw. To prevent a flood of whining about this, keep some interesting “blanks” in mind. For example, have your child draw an invention, an animal that doesn't exist, or a scene from their favorite video game.

2. Let the kids take the helm

If the children demand that you play with them, say that they must come up with the plot and rules of the game themselves, and you agree to completely obey them.

You'll be surprised where this can take you.

3. Change the rules

For example, hide the instructions for a board game and let the children figure out how to play it themselves. Who knows, maybe a new way will make the game even more interesting. Departing from the usual routine, you make children look at the world from a different angle, and this is very useful.

4. Set up a home puppet theater

This does not require special tools. Enough plaid and imagination. Show the children that any trash that is full in the house - such as old socks, clothes hangers and a shoe horn - can be turned into characters who will act out comedy and tragedy like real actors. 

The main thing is to present an idea and show how it can be implemented. And then the children's imagination will come into play. 

5. Don't throw away boxes

Playing with cardboard boxes is a great way to keep your child entertained and stimulate their imagination. The box can turn into anything - a house, a ship, a castle, a dragon, etc.

Such games will bring children a lot of joy and benefit.

6. Get the kids involved in cooking

Don't send your kids to watch cartoons while you're busy in the kitchen - cook together ! Invite your child to help you prepare his favorite meal. To make this process more fun, you can change the usual recipe or add a new ingredient - and see what happens.

7. Just let the kids get bored

Boredom is the ideal state for awakening fantasy. Try not to pay attention to the child when he whines: "Mommy, I'm bored!" Just be as quiet as you can without giving the little whiner any ideas of how to keep him busy. He must invent them himself. Only in this way will he become a self-sufficient person and learn to use his imagination.