After a long winter, I want to quickly tune in to the spring regime. Even if it is still cold and dirty outside, at home you can already begin to prepare for the blooming season. Serious repairs are not required - you need to add details for mood.

Heading for spring: 7 tips on how to refresh the interior of the apartment after winter

1. More space

The first thing you need to start preparing for spring is general cleaning. Let the fresh air in, carefully wipe the dust from the upper shelves, wash the windows , wash the curtains. And most importantly - sort through all unnecessary, old, broken things and just throw them away. The case concerns everything from a broken bedside table to unused plastic forks.

2. Light access

Spring mood in the interior is easy to add with the help of light. Replace dark curtains with light ones or add flowing sheer tulle . Choose fresh shades: blue, light yellow, pastel green, lilac. Wash all the mirrored surfaces in the house. This will help visually enlarge the space and add a feeling of lightness. If there is not enough natural light, use light sources in several corners of the apartment. A laconic floor lamp near the sofa, lamps with a simple design on bedside tables will fit perfectly.

3. Permutation

Another effective way to refresh the interior without repair. Just change the arrangement of the furniture. For example, place a desk or reading chair near a window. Arrange furniture so that it blocks out natural light and makes it easy to move around the apartment.

4. Balcony garden

Do a general cleaning on the balcony or loggia. Most likely, a lot of unnecessary boxes and packages have accumulated there over the winter. Throw out everything superfluous. Place flower pot stands on the balcony and plant beautiful flowers or plants in them. If there is free space, you can arrange a coffee table, at least for one person.

5. Textile

New fabrics in light shades will visually make the space more spacious. Change bed linen , sofa or armchair covers, bedside rugs, kitchen tablecloths. Choose textiles in pastel shades, preferably with minimal or no pattern. This is one of the easiest ways to rearrange your apartment for spring mode.

6. accents

If your interior is already made in bright colors, then you can add spring with a few details. Place a vase of fresh flowers in a conspicuous place. Photos set in white frames. Replace paintings or posters with spring-themed illustrations. Easter decorations add coziness - willow twigs,  decorative paints, figurines of rabbits. Use dried flowers and spikelets in pastel shades.

7. Natural flowers

Not only fresh bouquets will add spring charm. Decorate your home with potted plants. They can be both flowering and simply with beautiful leaves. You can also try your hand at gardening and start growing mint, oregano, basil, parsley on the windowsill . It will give not only freshness, but also come in handy while cooking or tea.

Spring interior should retain lightness, freshness and comfort. This is easy to achieve with the help of light colors and keeping the apartment clean.