Fishing sandals are comfortable, trendy and even economical if you find them in the attic. But let's face it, it looks a bit retro (until you know how to style them).

Fishing sandals: how "grandfather's" shoes conquered the catwalks

Simple and tasteful

Fishing sandals are a logical continuation of the normcore trend in all its manifestations, which self-isolation has generously endowed us with.. Of course, we have always known that comfort is more important than fashion. But the catwalks dictated other conditions: high heels, ultra-tight dresses, low-waisted trousers... and so on and so forth. 

However, designers, fortunately for us, were not separated from the pandemic by a glass dome either. And fashion became more and more comfortable. Even more comfortable. And as comfortable as possible at the same time. Therefore, if earlier they would have laughed at such too-simple sandals, today they were perceived quite normally and even with joy. “Hooray, hairpins are canceled again!”

Feel the difference

Let's figure out which sandals can be considered fishing. The classic edition of the fashion dictionary states that it is:

  • leather sandals (to last longer);
  • flat or low heels (so the fisherman can stay agile while trying to catch his Moby Dick);
  • with weaving (so that the legs are ventilated);
  • close the fingers in the bow (so that the legs are protected from hooks and other fishing gear, which are easy to injure).

As for the modern fashion dictionary, here, as in modern U.K, some deviations from the norm are possible:

  • eco-leather or any other material;
  • stable heel of any height;
  • lack of weaving;
  • decorative elements made of metal or fabric inserts.

In short, in the 21st century, only a suitably closed toe remains mandatory for fishing sandals. Everything else is optional. We, in the end, were not going to catch either White Whales or even crucians in them.

Officially, the fisherman sandals of The Row, a New York brand owned by the Olsen sisters, are considered the first in the couture collection. But now they can be found both in high fashion and in democratic brands like Dr. Martens. And your favorite store has them too, right?

Well, if shoes don’t scare you, but on the contrary, adopt a few style tricks:

  • A win-win combination is chinos + a plain white T-shirt.
  • Combination for every day - cropped top + wide jeans + denim jacket .
  • Coastal grandma combo - light linen suit with shorts and shirt.
  • The combination "finally vacation" - a light floor-length dress + a straw hat + a canvas bag.
  • Evening version (with heeled sandals) - a tailored jacket + cropped suit trousers + corset.
  • The most fashionable combination is a turtleneck + sundress or patent leather skirt.