Today, glasses are a fashion accessory not only for vision correction, but also for creating a trendy image. Stylish eyepieces require special makeup knowledge. Check if all life hacks are familiar to you?

Behind the glass: makeup secrets for those who wear glasses

Secret number 1 "open" eyes with myopia

Lenses with a minus visually reduce the eyes. And, therefore, all techniques for their increase are relevant. Feel free to choose the color and intensity: glasses visually “eat up” makeup, and it looks less bright. Dark blacks, browns and even the brightest palettes will do. Work on the upper “eyelash” with a black or brown kayal. Intense smoky eyes will also help to emphasize and enlarge the eyes.

Use colored eyeliners, experiment with the shape of the arrows. For example, pull her ponytail to the top corner of the frame. The main thing is not to make too graphic lines, but to shade them well. And, on occasion, you can also add a shimmer to the middle of the upper eyelid. For the effect of a "wide" look - a white or beige eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye.

Attention! A common problem is that long tinted eyelashes can create a feeling of “scratching” against glass. If there is such a problem, do not take lengthening mascara, but focus on volume. Use waterproof mascara if you notice that the glasses literally smudge your lashes.

Secret number 2 Compensate for the shape with farsightedness

Plus lenses visually make the eyes excessively convex. In this case, it is necessary to compensate for the shape: slightly reduce and stretch the eye. To this end, you can make a very thin, even eyeliner along the upper eyelid, literally along the ciliary edge.

Make-up requires maximum accuracy and precise lines, as plus lenses accentuate the slightest errors. No lumps or “spider legs” when applying mascara – all excess is gently removed with a clean, dry brush. Refuse to stain the lower eyelashes: this technique will visually round the eyes, and in this case, we don’t need it at all.

With strong minus diopters, makeup artists recommend completely abandoning jet black mascara, preferring brown and dark gray shades.

To avoid the effect of close-set eyes, the application of light mother-of-pearl shadows in the inner corner of the eye will help.

Secret #3 Use a lasting tone

Traces and dents on the bridge of the nose are a common problem when wearing any glasses, even corrective ones, even solar ones. Therefore, it is desirable to select a tone that is persistent, but not very dense. For more durability, do not neglect the make-up setting spray. If your eyeglass frames cast shadow under your eyes, creating a look of fatigue and bruising, don't forget to apply concealer with a warm yellowish undertone. A CC eye cream is also suitable to hide skin imperfections in this area. The main thing is to choose a product that will not clog into wrinkles around the eyes, otherwise the glasses will additionally emphasize this nuance.

Make it a rule to keep compact powder in your purse, in which case you can adjust the make-up on the bridge of your nose. It will also come in handy if you notice shine in the T-zone in the evening. In combination with glasses, the sneaky nuance looks especially untidy. For the same reason, be careful with the use of highlighters.

Secret number 4 Focus on the eyebrows

Always emphasize the eyebrows, but not too much so as not to overload the upper part of the face. Ideally, glasses and eyebrows should "synchronize", and this rule is best observed even at the stage of choosing a frame. It is good that the eyebrows approximately repeat its upper edge. At the same time, if you chose a dark frame, make sure that the shade of the eyebrows is not more active - this combination visually ages, gives a tired and even somewhat “evil” look. Accent thick eyebrows over a dark wide frame look completely dramatic.

Unless you are a freshly dyed platinum blonde, then choose the color of the eyebrow shadows under the shade of the hair at the roots of the hair.

Secret number 5 Do not forget about rosy cheeks

If it seems to you that the glasses overload the top of the face excessively, you can correct the situation by applying blush strictly in the center on the “apples” of the cheeks and blending them gently in the direction of the temple. Finding the right place is not difficult - just smile, to see the most protruding part of the cheek.

If you are a fan of face sculpting, be careful with contouring tools - make sure that the lines do not “break” with the frame.

Secret number 6 Choose shadows - the color of the frame

For a bright colored frame, makeup artists recommend shades of neutral pastel shades. A brown-beige palette is suitable for a thin golden frame, and smoky gray shades of shadows for a silver one.

Remember that lenses can distort the shades of makeup products. Cold colors, especially blues and grays, can seem even colder. If this is categorically not combined with your color type, then it is better to immediately choose warmer tones.

Secret number 7 Choosing the right lipstick

Choose lipstick based on eye makeup. Accent eyes and glasses are combined with "nude" lips. You can support the idea of ​​monochrome makeup fashionable in 2023 and apply the same pastel tint on the eyelids, cheeks and lips. Bright and juicy shades of lipstick are good in combination with sunglasses and corrective glasses for farsightedness, if you chose natural eye makeup.

Looking through the gossip column, we see how luxurious and fresh, fashionable and sexy stars in glasses look on the red carpet. The main thing is to choose the right makeup, and you will look stylish and relevant!