To amaze the world with its unfading beauty, it is important to properly care for the skin. What you need to remember, says the expert.

8 skin care mistakes that quickly lead to aging

Do I need to wash makeup brushes, is it useful to change cosmetics often and why protect the skin from the sun in winter? A beautician answers hundreds of questions every day and helps to solve many problems caused by improper care, which can lead to skin aging. Well, let's find out!

1. Incorrectly selected products

A cream bought on the run in a store, or a mask prescribed by a random girlfriend from the Web, at best, will not help, and most likely will add new problems. Rashes, redness, dryness or, conversely, an oily sheen that cannot be eliminated are just some of the consequences.

In order not to waste time, money and not risk your health, carefully read the information on the package. Choose products for your skin type and age. Avoid folk "miracle remedies" that promise to get rid of all problems, and do not prescribe medical cosmetics to yourself.

Better yet, check with your beautician before you buy a new line of creams or try a homemade recipe.

2. Neglect of care steps

Daily facial care has only 3 main steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. They must be carried out in their entirety, without ignoring any. When you are preparing a complex dish, you must not skip a single word in the recipe, otherwise the result will be spoiled. Taking care of beauty, you should follow the same rules.

If you limit yourself to cleansing, the cells lose moisture day after day, the skin becomes dry and dull. Even worse, when a girl sometimes forgets to wash her face and take off her makeup : closed pores will certainly become a home for acne-causing bacteria.

Foam for washing, tonic and moisturizing cream do not replace, but complement each other - remember this and do not skip a single stage of the morning ritual.

3. Frequent change of funds

The desire to try a fashionable novelty, which your favorite blogger spoke about so interestingly, tempting discounts in the store - and a lot of beautiful jars appear on the shelf. Most likely, you will not like any remedy, because it simply will not have time to be useful.

Skin care cosmetics usually have a cumulative effect. To notice the action of the product, you need to give it the opportunity to "show itself" for at least a month. An abrupt change can be justified only in one case - if the remedy has caused irritation, rashes and other unpleasant sensations.

4. Do-it-yourself pimple popping

The hated pimple does not give rest, and the hands reach out to the face. But this bad habit will have to be ruthlessly disposed of. Squeezing will not erase the defect and redness from the face, but will only cause the opposite effect: you can damage the skin and cause an infection.

Red-blue stagnant spots, pigmentation, scars are the unfortunate consequences of the habit of crushing acne. It is difficult to cope with these problems: even the grinding procedure does not always help to restore the lost beauty.

If inflammation appears pointwise, drying and antibacterial agents will help to cure them. But if there are too many rashes, you should contact a beautician to find out the reasons for their appearance and deal with them correctly.

5. Daily use of scrubs

It is believed that daily scrubbing will make the face young, tender and radiant. Scrubs really effectively remove the stratum corneum mechanically, but their components work quite roughly, like a grater.

Every day, solid particles leave microtraumas on the skin and disrupt its hydrolipidic balance, reducing tone and causing irritation.

In modern cosmetology, in addition to scrub, peels, gommages, and exfoliating lotions are used to remove dead cells. The cosmetologist will help you choose the right product and give recommendations on how often to repeat the procedures so as not to harm.

6. Using makeup brushes without cleansing

Every girl's cosmetic bag has 2-3 favorite makeup brushes or a whole arsenal of tools. The brush is used individually, but this does not mean that it does not need regular cleaning. Every day, not only particles of cosmetics, but also various bacteria remain on the villi.

When mixed with cosmetic products, bacteria multiply and get back onto the skin. Therefore, you need to wash the tools at least once a week.This will save you from problems in the future.

There are special products for cleaning brushes, but a regular makeup remover will do just as well.

7. Rubbing with alcohol

Alcohol effectively kills bacteria, but dries out the skin. By wiping individual inflammations, and even more so by treating the entire face, you dehydrate it, damaging the cells.

Many tonics and lotions contain alcohol, but in addition, they have moisturizing, nourishing and protective components. Therefore, they must be selected carefully, especially for problem skin prone to rashes. And when inflammation occurs, dry it only with special means, without exposing the cells to the danger of dehydration.

8. Skip SPF in winter

Many people mistakenly believe that UV protection creams only make sense on sunny summer days. However, the harmful effects of these rays do not stop even on a cloudy day, and even in winter. Therefore, products with SPF protection are recommended to be applied all year round - every day when you go outside.

Especially carefully protect your face from the sun if it has age spots or you use products with acids in the composition.

Do not apply sunscreen too often, especially if you do not intend to leave the house: it can cause irritation.

In an effort to preserve beauty, you can make a mistake and accidentally harm yourself. If you notice that the care does not bring results, check if you are doing everything right - or seek help from a beautician who will always give useful advice so that your face remains young, beautiful and healthy.