Familiar objects in the apartment can carry a real threat. Check if you have them.

1. Vinyl wallpapers 

Vinyl wallpapers

Repair materials are not just coatings that will delight you with their design for several years in a row. This is what you and your family breathe, which means that their choice should be approached with special care. So, for example, vinyl wallpapers, which are so often found in stores, are unhealthy and may even contain heavy metals in their composition.

There is nothing natural in the composition (in fact, plastic), such wallpapers let air and moisture through. On the one hand, this is dangerous because fungus or mold can grow under them very quickly. On the other hand, such wallpapers can emit formaldehydes, which are extremely toxic. 

2. Laminate 


Laminate is one of the most practical flooring materials chosen by Russian families. But this is far from environmentally friendly. The tree that is depicted on the surface is, in fact, a film with a pattern that has nothing to do with valuable species.

The composition of the material contains the same formaldehyde, the smell of which can be felt when opening the package. Also, laminate is dangerous when burned. Never try to extinguish it yourself, but immediately leave the apartment so as not to suffocate. 

3. Quartz vinyl tiles 

Quartz vinyl tiles

Another artificial material on our list. Stable vinyl does not decompose for 150-200 years, and without the sun 1000 years. Keep this in mind when you come to the hardware store to buy. 

4. Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are usually chosen when you need to choose an inexpensive ceiling covering. In fact, it is an ordinary rubber film, which consists of chlorine, toluene and phenol. These substances are dangerous when heated. It is forbidden to stretch ceilings in saunas and baths. But even without extreme temperatures, the harm from them is no less.  

5. Chipboard furniture 

Chipboard furniture

It will not be about all the furniture, but only about the one whose class is below AA. Products made from sawdust pressed with glue contain the same formaldehyde, which is hazardous to health. Therefore, if you do not want to suffer from incomprehensible headaches and poor health, check what your furniture is made of. 

6. Old vacuum cleaner

Old vacuum cleaner

In the USA, a study was conducted, during which it turned out that old models of vacuum cleaners do not suck out all the dust, but in addition, they also throw it into the air. Moreover, the more years the model, the more dirt it emits. Therefore, we recommend that you change it to a new one equipped with HEPA filters. 

7. Teflon Pans

Teflon Pans

Animal studies show that polytetrafluoroethylene, which is what pushes food away from the surface of the pan during cooking, becomes toxic when heated and can cause thyroid cancer.  

8. Aerosols in cans 

There are a number of studies that prove that aerosol cans contain carcinogens that cause allergies , breathing problems, lung disease, and even cancer. For example, regular hairspray contains toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. Switch to natural home fragrances like stick diffusers and replace hair sprays with styling mousses.