Tips on how to achieve perfect skin just overwhelm the Internet space. Beauty bloggers, forums, recommendations from friends - is it worth listening to all the life hacks? Together with an expert, we will analyze the most “harmful” beauty tips.

8 beauty tips from your best friends, from which beauticians are horrified

1. “Use the same means as I do. They work great!”

Perhaps your friend was at a cool beautician and he gave her effective recommendations. However going to the beautician is like your personal document.Despite the similar skin type and age, there are many nuances that only a competent specialist can see. What is good for one skin may not be suitable for another.

2. “If lips are dry and flaky, you need to use a filler based on hyaluronic acid.”

No! Filler cosmetologists introduce to change the volume of the lips, based on the wishes of the client. The cause of dry lips at a young age is not at all a decrease in the amount of hyaluronic acid . In this case, specially selected products by a cosmetologist will often help much better. If you want to change the shape and volume of the lips, the filler will really help, but only for this purpose.

3. “Do not try to inject Botox before the age of 45!”

The activity of mimic muscles is different for everyone. Sometimes facial wrinkles appear at an early age.Do not wait until they turn into deep creases.

The same rule applies to anti-aging cosmetics. Premature aging in some cases can begin as early as 25 years of age. Therefore, products for mature skin with a rejuvenating effect are prescribed not according to the passport age, but depending on the severity of the signs of aging.

4. “Make a facial massage according to the videos from the Internet that I sent!”

Any facial massage is a rather complicated procedure that requires knowledge of the anatomy and lymph drainage pathways. If you do it at home without proper skill and preparation -you can simply stretch the skin and cause additional swelling,thereby significantly worsening their appearance.

5. “If you have dry skin, then it is better to use not a cream, but an oil”

Any oil leaves the thinnest film on the skin, which will impair the supply of oxygen to the epidermis, slow down the exfoliation of dead cells and prevent it from releasing accumulated toxins and toxins. With prolonged use of oils in care the skin becomes gray, dull, rashes may appear. Therefore, even owners of dry skin are better off using oils in creams or masks. In its pure form, any cosmetic oil can only be used in conjunction with cosmetics, selected according to the type and condition of the skin. Apply as a course or 1-2 times a week.

6. “Cosmetics made from natural ingredients is the best! Just use her"

The naturalness of the ingredients also means the fact that the tendency to allergic reactions increases and the shelf life of the cosmetic product sharply decreases. If the world had not reached the production of synthetic effective molecules - cosmetics, as we see it now, simply would not exist. Interesting active ingredients - peptides, for example, are completely synthesized in laboratories.

7. “The more the skin flakes off after peeling, the “cooler” it works.”

Aggressive peels are not for everyone . Moreover, if they are used on a regular basis, then in the long run, you can get an acceleration of aging, since frequent hyperstimulation leads to depletion of the skin. At the same time, the risk of complications increases, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and inflammation may appear. In addition, after some time, the skin ceases to properly “respond” to cosmetic procedures.

For thin, aging, dry skin, it is better to choose a course of soft superficial peels. The stimulating effect of such a course will be no less, and the result may be longer.

8. "Cleanse oily skin you need" to squeak "using abrasive scrubs"

Excessive cleansing, and even more so mechanical injury with abrasive scrub particles, will lead to dehydration and disruption of the skin barrier. As a result: the appearance of rashes, irritation and peeling. It is better to use modern cleansers based on fruit acids and plant enzymes.

By the way, another common misconception is that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. In fact It is necessary to moisturize the skin of any type, including oily - with acne. Violation of the water balance leads to the failure of all skin cells and will force the sebaceous glands to work even more actively. It is necessary to use light moisturizers designed specifically for oily and problem skin.