This is where the following five ways to bring your life partner to clean water with respect for his personal space will come in handy.

Match the facts

No wonder the suspects are interrogated several times. A person whose story is true remembers the situation well, including the details.

However, they do not change from time to time. The person who made up the story could not think through everything to the smallest detail, he begins to get confused in the testimony. We do not recommend interrogating a partner in the truest sense of the word, but if you have suspicions about a specific time, then try to test the waters. If the story seemed extremely unconvincing, show interest in the same situation after a long time. The version can change beyond recognition - it's not for nothing that the Latin proverb says: "A liar must have a good memory."

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Do Laundry

Formally, there is no crime in this - taking care of your partner's clothes, doing laundry or sending them to dry cleaning.

Classics of the genre are condoms, especially if you do not use them, or there is always a strategic reserve in your bedside table. Everything is possible, up to economic use. But in combination with other suspicions, the evidence is quite reliable. If you use them during sex, you can get creative. Offer to make love in an unusual place, knowing that the partner has contraceptives with him.

Set up a personal life

Even if your chosen one does not go to the side to satisfy his sexual desires, you should not let the situation take its course. Perhaps there are health problems or the reluctance to intimacy is psychological in nature. Try to discuss the topic in a confidential manner. If he is sure that everything is in order, but the situation does not change, return to the conversation, let the partner offer a solution if he is not satisfied with your proposals.

Get busy with the budget

For a mistress, additional expenses will definitely be required.

Try to persuade your partner to keep a budget - try to convey that you are not trying to limit his expenses, but only plan to analyze your spending to the penny. Financial literacy doesn't hurt anyone, does it?

Advanced level - with the consent of the partner, obtain a bank statement. If the husband was urgently called to work, but at that moment he paid for a hotel room, everything is very clear. In general, study the extract more closely, but most importantly, write down suspicious moments so that you have something to check against. The pretext, by the way, may be suspicious debits from your card.

Check call log

Mobile operators offer many family tariffs, where all connected numbers spend funds from one account. This is an opportunity not only for tangible savings, but also for a close examination of costs. You can get an extract of calls online in your personal account on the website of your operator. And then - to launch a free application for checking numbers.