Not everything is good that is effective. Just in case, we remind you: if you are ready to harm yourself for the sake of the treasured number on the scales, this is already a reason to ask for help. Safe diets do not require health sacrifices and are built on a small calorie deficit.

cabbage diet

It is no coincidence that people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including those with widespread gastritis, are forbidden to use cabbage. The abundance of cabbage can exacerbate problems with the intestines and stomach.

The vegetable contains a large amount of fiber and, in the absence of other products, can injure the walls of the stomach. In addition, it will not do without bloating and flatulence. In general, you should not sit on cabbage. This diet cannot be considered safe and balanced. It is also dangerous to consume cabbage in large quantities in case of impaired kidney function and patients with diabetes mellitus.

cabbage diet

Lunar Diet

It is also often called the “werewolf diet”: the order in which foods are eaten is tied to the lunar cycles. Apart from the name, there is nothing funny about this system.

Firstly, the organs perform their functions without breaks and days off - and they don’t take vacations according to the lunar calendar, so the very idea of ​​​​eating according to the phase of the moon is absurd. Secondly, this diet involves periods when there is no food at all. It's not surprising that fasting can help you lose weight, but in the long run, weight is known to come back quickly when the body recovers from "hungry" stress.

cocktail diet

A cocktail, or, as it is also called, a smoothie diet allows you to lose weight due to a banal calorie deficit, and for it it is not necessary to switch to purees. Fruit purees will do a disservice to those who are losing weight: they are only associated with a healthy lifestyle, but in fact they are quickly digested - the feeling of hunger will return almost immediately. In addition, fruit smoothies will leave the body without fats and carbohydrates, and do not forget about the acids and sugars that fruits contain. Whatever one may say, such a diet cannot be called healthy. It is usually advised to sit on smoothies or juices for a week - enough time to cause problems with the pancreas.

hcg diet

First, let's understand what hCG is. Behind this abbreviation lies the name of the hormone - human chorionic gonadotropin. The outer shell of the embryo begins to produce it about a week after fertilization.

HCG helps physicians determine the presence of pregnancy and monitor its development. British endocrinologist Albert Simeons suggested injecting the hormone, supposedly it makes the body use calories more efficiently. Firstly, its modern followers, as a rule, use drops or dietary supplements, as a result of which hCG does not enter the blood at all, and secondly, the main phase of the diet takes place on only 500 kcal per day. And what does the hormone have to do with such an unhealthy nutritional deficiency?

Gluten Free Diet

A gluten-free diet can only be recommended to 1% of the world's population, and that's because about one in a hundred people suffer from gluten intolerance. But sales of gluten-free products are growing: marketers do their best to support their image as a find for a healthy diet.

Zealous adherence to a gluten-free diet by healthy people leads to the fact that the body does not get enough iron, magnesium and vitamins B and D, as well as more than a dozen amino acids, including silene, which a person is not able to synthesize on his own. In addition, it has been proven that phosphorus and calcium are better absorbed with the help of gluten - these elements are especially important for children, which is why depriving the body of gluten for no reason means risking health.