The editors remembered all the secrets of how to wake up in a good mood in the morning, manage to put yourself in order in a short time and hide flaws.

12 life hacks: how to quickly get yourself in order in the morning

1. If you get up with difficulty, many doctors recommend not setting the alarm two hours before getting up and setting it every five minutes, but immediately set it for the time you need to get ready. So the body will rest, the mood will be good, and the morning will be joyful.

2. A glass of warm water with lemon juice, drunk 10-15 minutes before breakfast, will help the body start the day, and rashes will disappear on the skin in a week and dark circles under the eyes will disappear.

3. Morning should start with a healthy and hearty breakfast. Breakfast is the key to a healthy stomach, energy and the fact that you will not go hungry all day.

4. With bruises under the eyes, patches or ice will help. You can freeze the chamomile decoction in advance and massage the area under the eyes for several minutes in the morning. Patches are ideal for those who do not like unnecessary movements: stick the product on the area around the eyes, and while it works, do morning exercises.

5. You overslept, and there is no time to wash your hair? You can wash only the bangs or use dry shampoo, then comb the hair at the roots and collect them in a ponytail.

6. To avoid skin problems in the morning, it is worth applying a moisturizer at night in the evening. Then in the morning, after cleansing the skin, you will get fresh, toned skin.

7. To refresh the gray skin of the face, apply a BB or CC cream with shining particles, mask the skin under the eyes with a concealer and highlight the cheekbones with bronze.

8. If you are going to a meeting with friends or a romantic date in the evening, it is better to do daytime makeup in the morning: apply the perfect tone, tint your eyelashes with mascara, and gloss your lips. Take bright shadows or lipstick, highlighter and matting wipes with you to refresh your look and turn daytime makeup into an evening one.

9. Also, to create a double look, you can twist your hair into a bun and pin it up, and after work, let your hair down, and you get a light romantic wave.

10. If you do not have time to pluck your eyebrows, or if you cannot avoid redness after correction, make up your eyebrows! Choose a darker tone of eye shadow or eyebrow pencil and carefully paint over, and apply a highlighter under the eyebrow with a thin line.

11. Do not touch up peeling varnish. It is better to wash off the coating from the nails and file the edges, and in the evening sign up for a manicure.

12. So, the training camp is almost over, but do you notice that just yesterday an overgrown cuticle spoils the perfect manicure? Use a cuticle oil in a pencil, which will help you turn sloppiness into a perfect manicure in a minute.