To be realized in life, to reach certain heights, surely any of us dreams. But what makes people successful, let's look at the most important habits.

10 habits that are characteristic of successful and famous (check if you have a chance)

1. Get up early

Studies show that successful people wake up 3-4 hours before work time so that they can take time for themselves and their families (jogging with a dog, having breakfast with a spouse and children, watching profile news, etc.). They say there is a closed club of millionaires, where one of the entry criteria is a daily rise at 5 am. Quite possible.

The rest prefer to soak up the bed to the limit, and then rush in stress, being late for work, snacking on the go than they have to and constantly experiencing negative emotions. 

2. To plan

Life and so constantly throws changes, creating chaos. Therefore, successful people know for sure that "lunch is on schedule." They plan for 20-10-5 years ahead, as well as for a month-week-day. Their graphics are tight and crisp. They dose loads and intersperse them with relaxation. Only such effective actions can give progressive growth (low stress). 

The rest use the tactics “how it will turn out”, relying either on the Universe, or on the Lord, or on the Russian maybe. As a result, they can even get a bonus, sometimes winnings happen, for example, in the lottery, or they manage to pull off a one-time deal, earning a decent amount of money. The problem is that sudden movements are always stressful , and instant enrichments depreciate at a time and quickly diverge. For example, a person begins to buy very expensive cars or antiques, not thinking about the future or money for their maintenance, throwing big parties and so on, walking away the wealth that fell from the sky.

3. Rationalize

We are all emotional beings. This is wonderful. The spectrum of emotions is so diverse that truly successful people know how to feel: do not hesitate to cry, manage anger , redirect aggression to socially approved opportunities, such as boxing. In addition, a person striving for a goal knows how to turn on his head, does not drown in emotions and does not allow himself emotional laxity. 

The rest live as they live: rein under the tail - and scolded the child, husband or neighbor. Instead of talking, they accumulate grievances, announce boycotts, and get divorced. Instead of stopping, thinking and breathing, they are turned on by a single word-look, take actions on emotions, rush out with loud statements, easily destroy everything built by one’s own and others to the ground. And they can’t stop in their emotional bad manners, connivance and shifting responsibility, making excuses: “I should be silent or something ?!”, “I was brought up like that”, “She was the first to start”.

4. Count

Digitization is the basis of thinking of an effective person. Everything can be counted. And the numbers are an opportunity to compare you of yesterday with you of today (the most advantageous position for your own growth). That's what successful people think. Not only money, as is commonly believed. They consider the level of development of competencies, the effectiveness of training, the quality of investments, the degree of openness of communications, and so on. 

The rest measure life situations through “it seems to me”, “it will be as it will be”, “the Universe will help” - and this is stagnation at best, but rather a step back.

5. Develop 

Successful people never stop improving. I am a psychologist, period. I made a million and that's enough. Successful people are open to change, attentive to changes around them, in the country and the world, sensitive to their own changing needs and desires.(due to age, a new financial step, events in his personal life). They study, read, take new heights. By the way, they read this:

  • 94% literature on the profile;
  • 79% study educational methods and practices;
  • 58% research biographies of other successful people; 
  • 51% are passionate about historical literature.

In general, in the life of successful people there is no time for TV and time-consuming “tanks”. They read or listen to audiobooks. For them, this is normal and familiar - they develop this way.

6. Talk

Successful people understand the importance of open communications. They have no need to lie, hide, accumulate stones in their bosoms, explain the same thing over and over again, endure, gaslight . You may have noticed that all really cool people are easy to communicate with. Without anguish, without proving anything to anyone, in a partnership way, and not from top to bottom. This is great art.

7. Take care of mental and physical health

Preventively, rationally, targeted: if there is a genetic predisposition in the family to oncology, then they pay attention to prevention and undergo annual examinations. If a child was born with some kind of peculiarity , successful people solve it without panicking, do not close their eyes “it will resolve itself”, do not drown in an emotional swamp. They decompose the problem into tasks, set a goal, allocate funds and go to victory. They understand the value of "their" psychologist, do not wait until they fall into depression, but regularly rebuild their lives with a "brain shrink". Successful people do not shift the responsibility for health to the state, parents, the company that gives work - to everyone who "owes" them.

8. Decisions

Quickly and clearly, listening to intuition, weighing the facts, analyzing arguments, consulting, if necessary, with experts. This is the absolute guarantee of growth. They do not go with the flow in the hope that "where we sail, that is the goal."

9. Delegate

This is a super-skill that makes it possible to correctly allocate resources. Do not waste time on what someone does better: cook, secretary, tutor, cleaning, etc. This is not a show of wealth, this is the correct distribution of forces, which makes it possible to spend an hour not on cooking borscht, but on creating a new ingenious development, For example. 

Of course, delegation is the foundation of the foundations of efficiency. Without the ability to trust, without the courage to admit that someone will do something better than you (even if it comes to cleaning an apartment or compiling an excel sheet), without the desire to create, successful people would not be able to entrust important blocks of their work to someone. life, work, family interactions. They do not try to do everything (and this is impossible for anyone if you do everything linearly and in 2 hands). 

10. Say "no"

Another great habit that is unfairly pushed into a corner by everyone but successful people. "No!" It's not about hurting or punishing. It's about personal boundaries. Successful people know exactly what they agree to and what they don't. When in doubt, they will figure out where to find additional information so that the decision is adequate. 

The rest of the people agree to an inconvenient time, take on other people's duties, listen to what they do not need, do what other people want from them.

check yourself

How many habits of effective and successful people have you found in yourself? Be honest with yourself. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil and digitize the listed competencies in relation to yourself, where 0 is not my habit yet, I have to work on it, and 10 is the master of this effective habit. So you will draw up your portrait and understand where you can move and what to spend your time and energy on. 

All the good habits described above, or any others, are a mixture of avoiding negative automatisms, coupled with clear goal-setting and social courage to live your life. It is this set that allows you to conquer any heights, feel free and in your place, realizing your destiny in the world. It is efficiency (to get the maximum with the minimum possible investment) that gives us a chance to become more successful. All in your hands. Start by meeting physiological needs and grow higher. Everything will work out! Just start right now.