There is a desire to revive the corridor or hallway, but are you afraid that the flowers will die? We know several plants that will take root there and will delight with a lush crown.

Plants from our list do well away from the window, in the shade. But living completely without light will not work, so they need access to an artificial or natural light source. 

1. Monstera


A fairly spreading plant suitable for a spacious hallway. Monstera does not like bright sunlight, feels great in the shade. Drafts and cool air can harm it, so it is not recommended to put it close to the front door. The flower loves moist, but not waterlogged soil. 

2. Sansevieria


Mother-in-law's tongue is an unpretentious plant that can survive in the darkest corner of the room. But specimens with stripes will still need diffused sunlight., for the hallway, a flower with a plain sheet is suitable. Do not forget to dust the fleshy leaves once a month. 

3. Chlorophytum


A popular houseplant forgives the owners of many flaws in care. Chlorophytum survives in almost any conditions - on a sunny windowsill and in partial shade. In addition, it is famous for its cleansing properties, which means it will act as a protective barrier between the street and the house.

4. cissus 


A beautiful ampelous plant will decorate a closet or shelf in the hallway. Cissus grows very quickly, so it is better to use vertical stands or arches right away. Grows well at normal room temperature. In spring and summer, you can take out to the balcony. 

5. Zamioculcas


A succulent plant that grows well in partial shade, on western and eastern windows. Zamioculcas can grow up to one meter in height, so prepare enough space in the hallway. You need to water when the soil in the pot is one-third dry. 

6. Nephrolepis


"Fern" grows well in light shade, and direct sunlight is dangerous for the plant. Water several times a week and drain excess water from the pan. Nephrolepis also loves moist air, so the crown should be sprayed 1-2 times a week.