Do you consider yourself a shopaholic, but money still goes down the drain? Use our tips and create your own stop list of items and services that you don't need to spend money on.

Top 7 Useless Things You Shouldn't Buy

We are accustomed to immediately acquiring the missing and often face the fact that the thing then lies unclaimed for years - despite the fact that the funds have already been spent on it. What purchases can be considered the most useless and how to learn to approach shopping more consciously ?

Before purchasing this or that expensive thing, think and weigh everything well - how much do you need it? Wouldn't this be a waste of money? And based on the results of the analysis, make a decision to buy. Avoid impulsive spending in order to save and subsequently increase your money.For clarity, you can create your own stop list of things that you do not need to buy.Start it with our "hot seven".

1. Tools for repair

We are faced with the need for a major overhaul at the most once or twice in a lifetime. When a team of specialists is hired to carry out this kind of work, there are no problems, they have all the necessary tools with them. It remains only to agree on the design, terms and purchase materials. But if you decide to make repairs with your own hands, and in the process you need something more complicated than wallpapering, at some stage there will be a problem of lack of the necessary devices, and the question of their acquisition will arise.

What to do? It is irrational to buy expensive tools that you plan to use once. In this case, it is much more convenient to rent them, make the necessary repairs and return them. Thus, you will get a double benefit: you will spend less money and do not clutter up the place in the house.

2. Camera

If you are a professional photographer, you certainly need the appropriate equipment. A good expensive interchangeable lens camera has a lot of extra creative options. A professional who earns money on this has an objective need to purchase a professional camera and accessories for it. But not the average person.

What to do? If your goal is to capture places of travel, important events in your life, walks, domestic incidents, and you do not plan to make money with photography, a regular smartphone is quite suitable for these needs. He has a lot of advantages:

  • takes up little space, no additional removable elements are needed for work;
  • always at hand, it is difficult to forget it, not to take it with you for a walk;
  • you can take a photo quickly, in the moment, catching a good shot - unlike "DSLRs", which must first be set up.
  • the latest models of phones can boast of a fairly high quality of shooting, which in many ways is not inferior to a professional device. For social media, online sales and saving memories, a smartphone with a good camera is absolutely enough.

A similar approach is acceptable with other home appliances. If you bake occasionally, then a planetary mixer is hardly a necessary purchase. If only one family member loves juice in your house, a huge multifunctional juicer will only take up space in the kitchen cabinet and stand idle. If you find all the information you are interested in on the Internet, and the quality of the films on the monitor suits you, it makes no sense to buy a TV with a large diagonal. Buy any equipment only after a preliminary analysis, having figured out how rational and necessary it is.

3. Lottery tickets

Today, there are all sorts of options for drawing cash prizes. Their goal is to captivate people and take money from them. Another name for lotteries is the "stupidity tax", and for good reason. On the one hand, everyone understands that such draws are a waste of money, and thus one cannot win any large amount. And on the other hand, the thought arises in my head: “What if?” - and she does not give rest. And we buy another lottery ticket. But the truth is that there is no such thing as "suddenly". Statistics are stubborn things. According to her, you are much more likely to become Miss World or face a hungry and angry shark face to face than to win the maximum possible amount in the lottery by hitting the jackpot.

What to do? Do not waste your hard-earned money and enrich others. Better think about where they can be invested in order to increase. If you set aside funds for a certain time that you could spend on all kinds of lotteries this year, you will accumulate a considerable amount. It can be wisely invested. So your money will start working for you. Upgrade your money thinking, get rid of the habits of poverty, improve your financial literacy - and you will not have to buy "lotteries" in the hope of getting a large sum. You will simply receive it from your investment portfolio.

4. Cash insurance

Fraudsters come up with a lot of ways to withdraw your money from your accounts every day. And even though the danger of theft of funds looks very frightening, still do not rush to purchase insurance.

What to do? First of all, banks themselves are interested in the fact that the money invested is safe - this is their reputation, customers, well-being. You can find out all the details of the movement of your funds on your accounts at any second. And if danger or necessity suddenly arises, you have the opportunity to block the cards as soon as possible so that the attackers are left with nothing. Think about whether it is worth paying a rather impressive amount for insuring funds in a bank account with such inputs.

5. holiday clothes

The first thing that comes to mind is the wedding dress. I want this celebration to be perfect, beautiful, memorable. Naturally, the bride - the main character of the day - wants to shine in a luxurious outfit. However, think about it: a wedding dress is very expensive, and you will wear it once. Then it will hang lonely in the closet. And it's a pity to throw it away, but there is nowhere to put it on.

What to do? The most reasonable option is to rent an outfit. You can choose the most chic, stylish and elegant in which you will catch the eye all evening. and then with a clear conscience give it back. You will have photos, pleasant memories and free space in the dressing room. Even if there is a second wedding in your life, you will not wear the old outfit, will you?

The same applies to other festive looks, for example, for corporate parties arranged in a certain style - "Hipsters", "Mafia", etc. Even for a regular gala evening, it is not necessary to buy a cocktail dress. Much easier and smarter to rent it. Unless it's a little black dress that can be accessorized and modified for any occasion.

6. Gym membership

If you have just decided to visit the gym, do not rush to immediately purchase a subscription. First, go to a one-time introductory lesson. Look at the conditions in which training takes place, meet the coach, learn about the programs, try out the machines and only then make a decision. Many centers provide the opportunity to come to a one-time lesson for free.

What to do? If you liked everything, then you can take a subscription, but only for a month! Why not for a longer period, because it is more profitable? Because it is important to check yourself - can you discipline yourself to go to training for a whole month or will your enthusiasm end for the third or fourth time. Many halls now sell annual subscriptions with "delicious" discounts. You buy it, but in the end you go for only a month: there is no habit, passes begin - and a pretty decent amount goes nowhere.

7. Baby items

All parents are faced with a problem: things for babies are needed, and a variety of things, but their use is often limited to just a few months. And they cost quite a lot. For example, a cradle for a baby costs 45-55 thousand rubles, but after six months it is irrelevant. The same can be said about walkers, which are used for a couple of months at best.

What to do? It is much more profitable in such a situation to find a good rental, make sure the quality of the accessories provided and rent them.Be sure to check if there are new items at the rental - often there are still unused accessories in the points, and you can become their first owner. And it will cost much less than buying in a store.