We are sure everyone has made these mistakes at home and in the restaurant. Test yourself!

Pizza, barbecue and 6 more familiar foods and dishes that many people eat wrong

1. Pizza

It is customary in restaurants to eat pizza with a fork and knife. It is allowed with hands, carefully folding a triangular piece so that the filling remains inside. But according to etiquette, it’s not supposed to eat crusts. They are designed to be comfortable to hold, eating all the appetizing filling. Although some fast food restaurants serve sauce for crusts, it really turns out delicious.

2. Barbecue 

If a meat dish was served as an appetizer, then it is customary to eat directly from the skewer. If the kebab is dinner, then the pieces are removed with a fork over the plate and everyone shifts the right amount for themselves. An empty skewer can be put on the edge when the common plate is empty. 

3. Dumplings

Without broth you need to eat with a fork, with broth - with a spoon. If the dumplings are too large, break them into two parts with a fork and eat them one by one. The main thing is not to get dirty with meat juice.   

4. Khachapuri

Many try Adjarian khachapuri with a knife and fork - wrong. This appetizing dish is eaten with the hands, breaking off a piece of bread and dipping it in egg and cheese. Sometimes it’s not worth being smart: the simple way is the surest. 

5. Tea bags

Of course, it is better to brew loose green and black tea in a teapot - it turns out tastier and healthier. But the packaged drink saves time when there is no way to arrange a tea ceremony. After cooking, the bag should not be squeezed out by wrapping the thread around the spoon. Just put on an empty saucer and, if necessary, a fraction of boiling water.  

6. Rolls and sushi

At home, they are eaten with wooden sticks. But if you can't handle Asian appliances, ask for a fork and knife. It will be worse if you carry sushi past your mouth. Wasabi should not be mixed with soy sauce, just put a little green paste on top. Ginger is eaten after rolls to kill the taste and smell of a fish dish before the next serving.  

7. sandwiches

What could be simpler than a sandwich: take a piece of a loaf and generously spread the filling?It turns out that it is appropriate to eat bread in small portions, breaking off a piece.The same goes for buns, cookies, muffins. If you plan to make sandwiches as an appetizer, make them literally one bite size. 

8. Shrimps

We hope you know that you should wash your hands in lemon water and not drink it? Do they eat unpeeled shrimp with their hands, removing the shell? Seafood in tempura, peeled, but served with a tail, is also sent to the mouth with the help of fingers. You can pre-dip the delicacy in the sauce.