Hot water is useful not only for making tea or coffee. Useful features are discussed in the article.

Just add water: 7 unusual and useful life hacks with boiling water

1. Remove weeds

Weed grass does not need to be poisoned with chemicals. There is a safe and environmentally friendly way that will definitely not spoil the soil - boiling water. This method has been successfully tested by summer residents in the fight against annuals: milkweed, quinoa, meadow grass, gerbil. But for plants with a long root, such as dandelion, you will need more than one serving of hot water.

2. cook scrambled eggs

There is an interesting way not to fry, but to boil eggs. Pour boiling water into the ladle so that it covers the bottom by 10 cm. Leave it on low heat. Break 4 eggs into a fine strainer, wait until the remaining protein drains. Whisk and pour into boiling water, creating a cycle with a spoon. In 20 seconds the eggs will be ready!

3. Cut bread into perfect slices

If the loaf or loaf is fresh, then it will be difficult to cut the bread with a special wavy knife. Pieces are likely to crumble and crumble. This problem is easy to solve, one has only to pour boiling water over the knife and immediately start cutting. Now you can make the perfect sandwiches. 

4. Clear blockage

A minor blockage in a sink or tub can be cleared with a few pots of boiling water. Hot water dissolves and softens organic residues well, they easily go down the drain. But boiling water cannot be used if the pipes are made of PVC. 

5. Disinfect cutting boards

Do not clean wooden boards with a stiff brush and chemicals - they will become unusable. At the same time, bacteria and harmful microorganisms can multiply in the fibers. After slicing raw meat or fish, pour boiling water over the surface and continue to use as directed. 

6. Remove red wine stains

The life hack can be used on cotton or linen, but cannot be used on delicate fabrics. And yet - it only works with fresh stains. Blot the red wine with a napkin, pull the soiled area over the pan, pour boiling water over it. If it doesn't work, treat with fine table salt and try again. We guarantee the stain will disappear like magic.  

7. Prepare a washcloth

A hot towel cleanses the skin better and gets rid of the remnants of makeup or facial mask. Soak a washcloth in boiling water, wring it out and wipe your face with massaging movements.. This method prepares the skin for subsequent care - applying a cream or serum.