During the heating season, the air becomes drier, so in winter it is important to maintain an optimal level of humidity.

How to Humidify the Air Without a Humidifier: 13 Proven Ways

Why humidify the air

Air humidity, air quality affects the mental and physical state of a person. A good microclimate can protect the body from infections and prevent signs of apathy and depression. The optimum humidity level is 40-60% at a temperature of 18-24 degrees in the room. Adjusting the temperature is simple: you need to open a window or turn on the heater. But with the humidity of the air, things are different. 

Dry air appears with the beginning of the heating season and lasts an average of 3-6 months. Various ailments follow: cough , sore throat, increased allergies, dry mucous membranes, exacerbation of asthma, frequent colds, brittle and dry hair, sleep disturbances, headaches, fatigue, apathy, bad mood. Dryness also affects house plants, some do not withstand drought and simply die.

Humidify the air in the apartment without a humidifier

Before humidifying the air in the apartment, you need to measure the humidity level with a special device - a hygrometer. This stage will help determine the strategy for further action. The easiest way to bring levels back to normal is to buy a humidifier that will maintain a certain percentage of humidity. But there are other ways - they will be discussed in the article. 

1. How to quickly humidify the air in the room

Wet cleaning will help not only moisturize, but also make the air cleaner. This method also gets rid of dust mites and harmful microorganisms. The moisture that will evaporate from the surfaces will saturate the microclimate with particles of water. In this case, any means are suitable: a damp cloth, steam generators, steam mops . But if some materials are intended for dry cleaning only, they should not be spoiled. The method has a significant disadvantage - not every housewife will want to do wet cleaning every day. 

2. Ventilation

Airing in winter and autumn should become a habit, then there will be no problems with the level of humidity. The best effect can be achieved if the window is opened during rain or snow. But you should not keep the frame open all day, especially in sub-zero temperatures. It is quite enough 3-4 times for 15-20 minutes. Drafts can lead to colds. This is best done when there are no people, pets or plants nearby. Of the pluses, one can name the fact that the air becomes fresh, of the minuses - the result depends on the atmosphere outside the window (in the heat it will remain dry). 

3. How to humidify the air in the room - put a fountain

A decorative fountain will decorate any room and at the same time humidify the air. This piece of furniture can be of any shape and size, so choosing “for yourself” is not difficult. The main thing is to monitor the cleanliness and level of liquid in the tank. The sound of water is relaxing, but not everyone will like the constant murmur, especially at night.   

4. Aquarium

Like a fountain, an aquarium saturates the atmosphere with water droplets. In addition, swimming fish calm the nervous system, adults and children like it. It is worth remembering that pets require careful care: feeding, cleaning the walls and bottom, etc. For large rooms, a small capacity is not enough. In addition, depending on the filling, the aquarium can be very expensive. To increase the level of humidity, it is easier to buy a simple humidifier model within 2,000-3,000 rubles.

5. How to humidify the air at home: indoor plants

How to moisturize - start a home flower bed on the windowsill. Many indoor plants have the ability to accumulate liquid, and then release it back into the atmosphere (for example, chlorophytum).In addition, the more pots, the more water is required for irrigation, which means that some part will evaporate. The spraying of the leaves also affects the humidity of the air. But the "greenhouse" will not allow you to be away from home for a long time. 

6. Drying clothes

Another effective method to increase the humidity in the room is to dry the laundry after washing. Especially if you have to do it often. If you do not wash often, then you should not be upset. You can periodically place a terry towel moistened with water on the dryer. If placed on a hot battery, then the process will go faster. But a wet towel will have to be changed often, otherwise the air will become dry again. 

7. Atomizer

A simple and affordable way to make the air humid is to spray liquid from a spray bottle. Such a device is likely to be found at flower growers or in a hardware store. It is desirable to carry out the spraying procedure 2-3 times a day. For a longer lasting effect, spray onto curtains or upholstered furniture. You can add essential oil, you will also get a flavor. But if you use tap water, white stains will remain on the fabric and surfaces. 

8. Water container

A simple method to maintain a comfortable level of humidity throughout the year. To do this, you need to place several tanks around the apartment so that the moisturizing effect is better. Vases or decorative aquariums can be used as containers. The main thing is to make sure that these containers do not remain empty. Thus, you can achieve the desired level without much effort. If there are small children or pets in the house, you need to place humidifiers in a place inaccessible to them. 

9. Kettle

There are two options: bring water in a kettle or saucepan to a boil, put it on the table so that the steam humidifies the air. Boil water and put it on a slow fire to continue the process of vaporization. You can add a few drops of eucalyptus to disinfect the air, or spicy herbs to scent the room. 

10. Plastic bottle humidifier

You will need a plastic bottle, gauze or bandage, a sharp knife, tape or rope. Cut a rectangular hole 7x10 cm in the middle of the bottle. From gauze make a two-layer tape about 50 cm long. Close the bottle with a lid, attach it to the battery with tape so that the hole is at the top. Pour water inside, lower the tape, folded in half, at the fold, and wrap the ends around the battery. 

11. Bathroom

One of the easiest ways is to leave the room open after taking a shower or bath. Evaporation will humidify the air in the apartment, you can also not immediately drain the water, but let it cool naturally. 

12. Hydrogel beads

Hydrogel is a substance that has good absorbent properties. Absorbs moisture up to 200 times its size. First, the granules swell, and then they begin to slowly release it into the air. Hydrogel balls can be bought at flower shops. Sometimes they are used instead of soil for plants. The main thing is not to forget to water the balls with water so that the moisturizing process does not stop.  

13. Diet

In winter, it is better to give preference to boiled dishes and hot drinks. During cooking, the water will evaporate and humidify the air in the apartment, so often cook soups, stews of vegetable stews, cook compotes. The slower the fire, the better. But when baking in the oven, the air will become drier.