They will come in handy if your strength is already at zero, and problems and tasks continue to fall on your head like from a cornucopia.

How to help yourself with parental burnout: 7 ways

Everything infuriates, nothing pleases, life has turned into an endless “Groundhog Day”, you are dragging a cart and a small cart of things and can’t cope ... I just want to sit and look at one point, or even better - sleep. And, most importantly, that the children stop yelling, whining, quarreling, jumping, hanging, constantly wanting and demanding something. In a word, parental burnout covered you .

Of course, in an ideal world, you should be able to delegate responsibilities - for example, sometimes giving children to relatives and enjoying time for yourself. But we do not live in an ideal world, and not all parents have someone who can help. 

Of course, psychological problems should be solved with a specialist, but this requires a lot of money and time. To help yourself in the here and now, as well as prevent burnout in the future, take advantage of these 7 proven ways.

What to do if "covered" right now

1. Ground yourself

When panic sets in due to piled up problems and unfulfilled responsibilities, you need to return yourself to the “here and now” state. To do this, you need to ground yourself: stand up or sit straight, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, firmly rest your feet on the floor, asphalt, lawn, soil - in a word, on what is now under you. 

You will feel that you have support, that the earth does not leave from under your feet.

This will help stabilize the flow of thoughts and emotional state.

2. Breathe - don't breathe

Deep inhalation and exhalation inhibit the brain's response to stress. Therefore, at the peak of panic, do this breathing exercise: inhale, counting to four, hold your breath, counting to yourself to seven, and exhale slowly. If it's hard for you to hold your breath for so long, shorten the time you hold your breath. Repeat the exercise three to five times in a row.

3. Turn on

Another way to bring yourself back to the present and calm down is to turn on your senses. To do this, look around and name, for example, one object that you can smell, one that you can hear, one that you can see, and one that you can touch. The number can be increased: for example, name not one, but three items.

How to prevent burnout in the future

1. Take care of yourself

Try to make time for yourself regularly. Go for a walk, talk on the phone with a friend, meditate, take a bath, read, listen to your favorite music, watch a series or a movie . Even if it will be just a few minutes of silence and loneliness - the main thing is that they help you exhale and relax . 

2. Be kind to yourself 

Don't ask too much of yourself. No perfectionism ! They didn’t take the child to the circle, they spent the whole weekend lying around with cartoons, they didn’t do their homework, they had pizza for lunch - well, it’s nice, forget about remorse.

Hugs, laughter, tomfoolery, fun and carelessness in a homely atmosphere have not hurt anyone yet.

And the benefits of such a pastime for the state of mind of both mother and children are a wagon.       

3. Prioritize 

Think about what is really important for you and the children, and what you can refuse. Say “no” more often if you are required to make some extra effort for the sake of dubious results.

4. Slow down

If you have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel all day, take short pauses just to catch your breath. Breathe, look around, think about who you are, how you live and why all this is happening. This will help to remember that you are not an addition to the children, but a separate person with your own thoughts and feelings.

And remember, everything passes, and this too shall pass.