Indoor flowers can have magical properties - our ancestors thought so. But even skeptics still believe it. But what if?

1. Aloe


This flower has long been considered a magical plant. It not only heals wounds, treats many diseases and perfectly moisturizes the skin, but also has a good effect on the aura. Aloe helps to establish personal life and attracts financial well-being. The plant itself is unpretentious, calmly endures periods of home "drought". Will take root on any window sill. 

2. arrowroot


A sprawling flower attracts creative people who are not used to holding back the flight of fantasies. At the same time, arrowroot gives the owner self-confidence, concentration and cash income.. To prevent the plant from losing its spotted color, place a window sill with diffused light, ensure good watering and spraying. Fertilize during the period of intensive growth. 

3. Orchid


A flower with strong energy helps to realize the most ambitious plans. But there is one condition - the owner must be a strong and hardworking person, then financial well-being is ensured. If you put a pot with an orchid in your office, the action will intensify. The plant likes regular moistening of the substrate and not too frequent spraying. 

4. ficus benjamina

ficus benjamina

Ficus in many countries is considered a symbol of good luck and wealth. The plant is given when they wish a long and happy life. A good omen if the tree takes root and begins to grow rapidly. Ficus Benjamin does not like direct sunlight and drafts - it can drop all the leaves. Bathe the flower under a warm shower and dust the leaves once a week.  

5. Fuchsia


An irreplaceable flower for people who profit from creative activities. Fuchsia does not like frequent movements. In uncomfortable conditions, sheds leaves and buds. Feels good on a sunny windowsill. You also need to ensure frequent watering and moistening of the leaves. It has been noticed that during flowering, a financial portal opens in the form of surprises, bonuses and additional income. 

6. Zamioculcas


The common name is the dollar tree. Juicy and fleshy leaves look like banknotes. Helps to achieve financial goals, so place this flower near your desktop. Zamioculcas is unpretentious, does not like overflows, feels good in a lighted place. Use gloves during transplantation, the plant has poisonous juice. 

7. Fat woman (crassula)

Fat woman (crassula)

Another name is money tree . The leaves resemble coins and help to achieve the desired goal. The better the fat woman grows, the better things are going with the owner. Blooms quite rarely.But if this happened, expect a financial breakthrough.Miraculous properties are enhanced if you plant a flower in a red pot.