Incredibly, some interior items can accelerate the aging process. Read the article and get rid of harmful things.

From a girl to an old woman: 8 things in the house that make you grow old ahead of time

Proper nutrition, sports, trips to a beautician will not help to preserve youth if there are harmful factors in the house. For example:

1. Non-ecological household chemicals

Hands are a visiting card of a woman. We take care of them less than the skin of the face, but they suffer much more. Teach yourself to do the cleaning,  wash the dishes with gloves on and do not buy aggressive products that will gradually destroy the beauty. 

2. Bad light

One chandelier on the ceiling is not enough. The health of our eyes depends on additional light sources. With poor lighting, we begin to squint more, wrinkles appear , blood vessels burst, facial muscles are in tension. All this gives a tired and unhealthy look. Getting rid of "crow's feet", overvoltage is more difficult than buying several sconces or floor lamps. 

3. Wrong pillowcases

After 30 years, cosmetologists recommend sleeping on silk pillowcases. This is not a marketing ploy. On a smooth fabric, creases and wrinkles appear less, as is the case with cotton underwear. Silk does not absorb serums, so a fresh look in the morning is guaranteed. And pillowcases need to be changed 2-3 times a week - this way you will save your skin from acne.

4. Sofa instead of a bed

A folding sofa is suitable for spending the night away, but not for a permanent place to sleep. In adulthood, you need a good bed with an orthopedic mattress and comfortable pillows. Healthy sleep is the key to youth, productivity, fresh appearance. 

5. Uncomfortable chair and table

Remote work is great, but just take care of a comfortable chair and table (and leave dreams of working in bed). Youth, health of the spine depend on the posture and position of the back. And do not forget to do a warm-up, breaks - the reports will have to wait. The crumpled appearance has not decorated anyone yet. 

6. Bad atmosphere

The weather in the house affects the well-being, the appearance of hair and skin. Dry air accelerates the loss of moisture, peeling, wrinkles appear. In addition, bacteria and viruses spread faster in such a microclimate. And a cold is also not an assistant to youth. Take care of optimal humidity, do not forget to disinfect the apartment. 

7. Lack of order

Uncomfortable atmosphere, disorder affect the psychological state of a woman.Melancholy attacks, the desire to take care of oneself disappears and productivity decreases.In such a house, the hostess becomes as depressing as the interior. And the inner always influences the outer: the corners of the eyes drop, the cheeks and deep wrinkles appear. 

8. Cast iron batteries 

Cast iron radiators accumulate a large amount of dust in the folds. They are difficult to clean, even a vacuum cleaner does not help. These particles pollute the air and damage the skin's protective barrier, reducing collagen production . Change batteries - youth and health are more expensive.