Beauty technology is developing at such a speed that we do not have time to keep up with the emergence of new products and trends! What is a beauty blender, splash mask or, say, slugging? Together with the expert, we compiled an “explanatory” manual!

Explanatory Brigade: 12 new words in the beauty industry

If you suddenly stopped understanding your makeup artist and cosmetologist, then it's time to update the beauty dictionary.

1. K-Beauty and J-Beauty

Canons of beauty in Korean and Japanese respectively. Both principles imply the use of high technology and a constant parade of innovations. As a result, you should get porcelain skin without visible flaws.Cosmetics often contain locally sourced ingredients.(extracts of sakura, camellia, rice).

2. Siren Makeup

The most fashionable make-up trend that appeared last year and became popular after the release of the next season of the Euphoria series. Dark, wide, smoky arrows visually stretch the upper eyelid. At the same time, the lower eyelid also has a dark accent. We get almond-shaped eyes, which give the whole image some trick.

3. Skintertainment

The term comes from the English words skin (skin) and entertainment (entertainment). Who said a beauty routine has to be boring? Not at all! Therefore, masks are created in the form of animal faces, shower caps in the format of half an avocado or pineapple, gels and bath salts with special effects (they somehow unusually foam, crunch, burst with a bang).

4. Atomizer

A device that will come in handy for girls who cannot imagine life without their favorite perfumes.Allows you not to push a bulky bottle into your luggage (with the risk of breaking it).The mini atomizer for transporting perfume holds 5-10 ml of your favorite fragrance. It is also convenient to carry in your purse to freshen up the scent before an evening event or a date.

5. beauty blender

The same sponge in the shape of an egg, designed to apply a tonal foundation. Does not absorb cosmetics, thereby allowing you to use it sparingly. The main thing is not to forget to moisten it well before use. Then,thanks to the structure of open cells, the sponge is filled with water, and the cosmetic stays on the surface.By the way, in the same paragraph we can write down such an accessory as a duofiber. This makeup brush does not absorb a lot of product, evenly blends makeup, applies it in a thin layer.

6. Multimasking

A trend in cosmetology, according to which different products are applied to different parts of the skin. The bottom line is that the skin on different parts of the face is different. Therefore, for the T-zone, where many sebaceous glands are concentrated, a drying mask is used, for the cheeks and nasolabial folds - moisturizing, etc. No mask is capable of doing what two or even three can do at once. That's the point!

7. Nontouring

Do not confuse with contouring , which has already set its teeth on edge. Nontouring is also a correction technique, howeverunlike the “Kim Kardashian effect”, non-touring rather creates the effect of “no makeup”. Allows you to achieve visually well-groomed and radiant skin. Performed with a light tone, concealer, powder and highlighter.

8. Splash mask

A liquid face mask that is applied to the skin with patting movements (from the English splash - splash). A splash mask could be compared to a face lotion due to its consistency, but the concentration of useful substances in it is much higher. Often it is a 3 in 1 remedy: tonic, mask and peeling.

9. plumper

Lip gloss or lip balm. The product contains components that literally warm up the skin of the lips and stimulate blood flow,(eg, ginger root oil, capsicum fruit extract pepper). As a result, visually the lips become plumper. The golden pool of internet beauty hacks is endless to explore. And there, another version of the plumper was lit up - a device resembling a pump. By creating a vacuum, this unit increases blood flow to the lips and makes them plumper. Not for long, but you will have time to take a couple of selfies.

10. Draping

Everything new is well-forgotten old. And this is just about draping (from English to drape - to drape). The technique returned to us from the 70s, when it was fashionable to create facial relief with the help of blush in light and dark shades. Moreover, pink pigment can now be applied not only to the temples and cheekbones, but also used instead of shadows. So we get "Monochrome" - trendy makeup in the coming year and another important word in your beauty dictionary.

11. Slugging

A Korean trend involving the application of Vaseline to the skin of the face instead of a night cream. Influencers promoting this method assure that all this is for the sake of moisturizing and freshness of the skin. However, cosmetologists warn that this should not be done. Vaseline is essentially a mineral oil that does not have the best effect on skin lipids and its protective barrier. The trend towards the use of petroleum jelly in care entails the risk of overdrying the skin and provoking an exacerbation of acne.

12. Elover

The term comes from English all over - everywhere. This is the name of a multifunctional cosmetic product that can be used immediately for different purposes. For example, tint for lips, eyelids and cheeks.

And, “for a snack,” did you know that tonic and toner are different products? But they are often confused! The differences are dramatic: tonic is the final stage of skin cleansing, and toner is a deep moisturizing agent. So, for example, toner is great for preparing the skin before applying makeup.