We talk about the most bizarre buildings that have already been built or are about to be built in the near future.

Cyber-egg and banknote house: 7 most incredible modern buildings in the world

Modern architectural solutions are a separate art form. Someone likes such revived glass-concrete fantasies, someone is sure that they disfigure the historical views of cities, others are sure that you just need to get used to such unusual solutions, because over time they will also become classics. We collected 7 unusual modern buildings scattered around the world that are planned or have already been built. 

1. Cyberegg building in Mumbai

Cyberegg building in Mumbai

Employees of the design studio James Law Cybertecture International characterize their creation as an ultra-modern egg office building. In English, the project, which is planned to be implemented in Mumbai (India), sounds like Cybertecture Egg. The construction will be large-scale, because the area of ​​the egg-shaped structure will be 32,000 square meters. Solar batteries and windmills will be installed along the perimeter of the building so that the unusual high-rise building generates electricity on its own.

Also, according to the architects, computer technologies will be installed in the building that will allow visitors to interact with the ecosystem of the building. In particular, the “Cybertecture health system” will be introduced into it, with its help people will be able to control, compare and display data about their health. For example, any person who gets inside the “cyber egg” can find out their blood pressure.

It is known that in order to avoid the greenhouse effect, gardens will be planted inside, which will be watered with filtered water. How much such an office building is needed in India is not yet clear. But funding has already been allocated for it. Therefore, if nothing changes, within a few years in Mumbai, among the ancient buildings and against the background of the slums, a glass "cyber egg" will rise.

2. lotus house in changzhou

lotus house in changzhou

The original building, already realized, adorns the Chinese city of Changzhou. The Lotus Building is one of the main attractions that tourists come to see and that locals are proud of. The building is indeed very photogenic.The location adds romanticism to its appearance and name - the house is located in the center of an artificial lake surrounded by 3.5 hectares of parkland. Inside the Lotus are mainly office space and meeting rooms for business. Ordinary visitors walk through it more like a free museum. 

Specialists from the Australian bureau Studio 505 created such an unusual structure. Noting the strength of their project, they said that the building is supported by 2.5 thousand geothermal piles, so it will definitely not collapse and will stand for many years. We hope it will be so.

3. Futuroscope in Poitiers

Futuroscope in Poitiers

A strange geometric glass-concrete building was built in the French city of Poitiers back in 1987. Visually, it resembles growths of crystals, but the creators called their avant-garde project Futuroscope. The main function of the unusual structure is an amusement park. Therefore, its appearance is quite consistent with the expectations of tourists who come there for new emotions. The park is timely supplemented with modern technologies so that it does not lose its relevance. Among other things, here you can watch 5D films, dance with robots, enjoy chic light shows. But there are no classic “fun slides” and a Ferris wheel in the Futuroscope, but when you get inside, you quickly forget about it.

4. Banknote house in Kaunas

Kaunas is a Lithuanian city, which many people learned about after the construction of a banknote house in it in 2008. Its opening was timed to coincide with an important event for the country - joining the European Union. The appearance of the building justifies its purpose - it houses two large Lithuanian banks at once.

Banknote house in Kaunas

The design of the banknote of 1926 with a face value of 1,000 litas, applied to 4,000 glass panels, is covered with a special enamel paint on top. Responsible for the idea and its implementation are the architect Rimas Adomaitis and his team from RA Studio. It is noteworthy that the banknote house is not in the center. It was deliberately placed on the outskirts so as not to create a contrast with the old buildings of Kaunas. 

5. Two cobras in Kuwait

Two cobras in Kuwait

In the next few years, in the capital of the Arab state of Kuwait - El Kuwait - they are going to build an office building in the form of two intertwined cobras. Such a project pays tribute to local beliefs, because in the local culture, the cobra m is a symbol of wisdom and life. Skyscrapers will, as it were, wrap around each other and go into the sky. This solution was proposed by architects from Gulf International, noting the exclusivity of their approach. 

It looks really impressive, but other experts said that it would be difficult to implement spiral construction, because with such a layout it is not clear how to install elevators - the traditional lifting system will not work in this case. The way out was found in a technology that runs on compressed air, that is, on the principle of a pneumatic pipe. 

Let's hope that the plans will not fail, because it would be interesting to look at such a building. 

6. Piano house in Huainan

Piano house in Huainan

Another incredible building comes from China. The piano house, next to which there is a smaller structure in the form of a transparent cello, was built in the city of Huainan. The building was not just erected similar to musical instruments - they repeat them exactly. The authors of such an architectural masterpiece were employees of  Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Co  and students of Hefei University of Technology. Most often, the piano house is used for exhibitions and public events. 

7. Basket house in Newark

Basket house in Newark

In the US state of Ohio, the city of Newark, the modern architectural center of attraction for tourists is a house in the form of a wicker basket. The unusual-looking seven-story building houses the headquarters of the Longaberger basket company, which sells baskets and wickerwork. Hence the appearance. The building was designed by NBBJ and Korda/Nemeth Engineering. The work took a lot of time, but even more money was spent on its implementation. Therefore, the director of the organization left the idea of ​​decorating the company's divisions in other cities in the same style.